Saturday, March 10, 2007

Whew! Catching Up

Hamster love. I saw those two making nice with each other last night and had to snap a few pix.

What an interesting week it has been! Where do I start?

I want to say thank you with all my heart to all of you for your very encouraging and supportive comments for my dyeing project. You have warmed my heart and increased my joy.

I still don't quite know where this will go, but so many of you said (here and by email) that this might make a nice sideline for me, that here I am in business. And my inventory is rapidly disappearing. Thank you to my first customers. I hope you will be very happy with your yarn. And...I'd really like to know (and see) what it grows up to become.

I have to admit that it is a bit hard (but only a bit) to part with these skeins. I love them all. The Peruvian worsted wool soaks up the dye so beautifully, and the Merino worsted blooms just a bit during the dyeing process. Each time I unwrap a skein, I can't wait to see what happened. Each one is a surprise.

Here is Doug's sock in progress. Three of us were at the eye doctor today, and we all went to a very slow IHOP after. Since I couldn't dye, I had lots of time to work on Doug's first sock. I'm knitting it in one of my (hee hee) merino worsted colourways. It is a fun knit. The colour blips keep changing. This is going to be a men's size-12 sock when done, so I'll be able to weigh it and let you know the yardage for a pair like this.

You've seen my sock before. This one is knit in the Peruvian worsted wool, and one women's size-8 sock (8" leg; 9 1/2" foot) took 47grams of yarn. One 100gram ball will be sufficient for a whole pair.

Now, I need to respond to comments from the last few days.

Joan: I don't know how I get the photos to go so big. I upload them straight from iPhotos at full size (I don't reduce them as I do for the elann chat-site photo post). Full size, the files are big: 2576x1932. I upload them onto blogger at medium, but they click to huge. Doug says it is also because of my camera (which takes large photos). Hope that helps.

Madge (and others): As you can see, I'm taking orders. :)

Suzann: Thanks so much for the warning about KnitPicks dye-your-own sock yarns. I will probably do their merino lightweights for shawl yarn etc, but I have ordered beautiful merino sock yarn from another distributor. It is Henry's Attic yarn and should be very nice.

Kim: I can't wait to see your results! (I keep getting the urge to make cupcakes)

CBM: Right On!! You called that sock perfectly. My sock is worked in 40 st. rows. The heel flap is 2 1/2" (think it is more than ten rows). Hope you get your blog sorted out really soon.

Trish (bcg) asked about sweater quantities of merino. Yes, I would consider it if you email me with specific requirements (yardage and quality of merino you'd like me to order). Please email me any time you want to discuss special orders.

I have so many exciting things coming in the mail: Mohair laceweight; merino DK and fingering; merino sock yarn, more worsted. When new yarns are available, I'll post them in the shop. Did some dyeing today, as a matter of fact.

Daisy says: You're not going to make me a different colour, are you?

No, Daze, you're pretty enough just as you are.


Madge said...

How exciting - just like that you have a fledgling hand dyed yarn business. Congrats!

If you're taking special orders, I'd love enough of the Henry's Attic merino sock yarn in your great camo colorway to make a pair of socks. If you need to email me about this, my email is madgedotyATsbcglobalDOTnet.

Have fun with your dyepots!

jayne said...

Thanks, Madge, I'll put you down for that. Not sure when I'll receive my yarn, but hopefully in the next week or so.

Kemma said...

Uh oh. What was Suzanne's warning about the KnitPicks dye-your-own sock yarn? (I probably didn't go back far enough in your entries to find her note) I just dyed up a skein (ok, I dyed it back in November, and just now am getting around to screwing up the nerve to actually *gasp* knit a pair of socks out of it) and if it's gonna be a pain in the butt to make socks out of, maybe I better start thinking up a different destiny for the stuff.