Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let's Go Puddle Jumping!

These socks are an accident that turned out fine. I had only knit a few other pairs of socks before these, and those in chunky, aran and DK weight yarns. This was to be my first pair with something lighter, sportweight as it turned out. I took a ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes sock yarn along when Doug and I went to Tofino in November, thinking I'd knit a pair of socks while away. I worked until I had about six or seven inches of leg before I realized that they were going to be way too wide. I had cast on the wrong number of stitches. Who knows why? I hated the thought of ripping it all out. I realized that if I made them a lot longer, the wide part could be up around my calf, so I improvised a decrease section, and bravo! I had a long sock. Only one though, since it took a lot longer to knit a long one than a short one. The project got shelved until a week or so ago. Now finally I have my Wellington Socks.

The really happy news is that now I have a pair of long socks to wear inside my wellies so that they don't rub against my bare leg.

I reviewed the Lion Brand Magic Stripes in an earlier post, but just to reiterate. You do get a big 100g ball that is enough to make a whole pair of normal length socks. I used about 1.5 balls to make these. The yarn is 75% wool/25% nylon and machine washable. Socks knit up quickly on 3.25mm needles. The colour quality is a bit yutz, but the stripes were fun, and on a gray rainy day should bring a smile. The yarn is perfect for kids' socks as well as for ADD sock knitters like me.

This is my third pair of socks completed in the last four weeks. Today I grafted the toe of the second sock without looking at the instructions for grafting. Now that's a first.


Kaye said...

Beautiful! I'm inspired to use the Magic Stripes I've been accumulating in my stash but have been too lazy to get started with (I think I've got about 4 skeins by now).

smariek said...

I think your socks will go well with your kitchen sink sweater, lol. Haven't heard of Magic Stripes, I'll have to check out that out, looks neato mosquito to play with.

Vamanta said...

Like I said, Queen of Stripes. ;-)

jayne said...

There have been a lot of stripes lately, haven't there? I love 'em!

Magic Stripes is a good sock starter yarn, Marie. It's cheap enough and a wee bit thicker than fingering, so you knit on 3mm instead of 2mm. It makes a difference.

Hi Kaye -- four skeins will get you a lot of socks.

Lisa W. said...

Totally love the stripy goodness but it might make my "muscular calves" look a little errr..canklish, treestumpish...you get the drift...so please make my knee socks in a koigu variagated. greens are good :) PS: wheredja get the camo wellies? i need some new ones for breakup this year.hope your hanging in this week...the best thing sometimes about time is that it passes.

Life's a Stitch said...

They are adorable,

Anonymous said...

No wonder you noticed my socks in my avatar Saturday night ! (during the SNS)

Oh, I LOVE YOURS ! ! !

I'll trade ya ! Tall socks .....................fantastic !

...dotty...(from you know where!)