Saturday, March 03, 2007

Garage Sale!

Welcome to my garage sale. These are all yarns that I wanted at the time, but that have been shoved further and further down the line until I know it could be years (if ever) before I knit them.

Please feel no pressure to buy. If you like something, great. Prices are half price or less of what I paid. All yarns have been stored in plastic bins in our non-smoking home.

All prices are in US dollars, and you will need to cover postage. I recently mailed two 200 gram packages to different locations in the US for 6.00US each. I mailed a four pound package (2200grams) for 14.00 US. It is less within Canada. Packages should arrive in about a week. My preferred method of payment is by gift certificate. You can contact me here at the blog (leave email in comments) or anonymously through the Swap Centre HERE.

And just for fun, I'll throw a surprise ball/skein of something (not pictured here) into each order. Provided there are any :)

3 new balls of Caron Simply Soft Quick in Limelight (plus the equiv. of three balls in the same dyelot, rewound). Total of 300 yds. of super bulky (10 st on 8mm), super soft acrylic (enough to make hats/scarves or a child's sweater). $6.00 plus postage. 510grams.

Five balls of Schoeller Stahl Portofino in Exotic Red (colour 4734). 250 grams/550meters. (40%cotton/60%polyoly). Heavy worsted (15 on 5.5mm). $6.00 plus postage.

Austermann Mayfair: SOLD

Sonata Kit: SOLD

Nine balls plus one partial of Rowan R2 Cotton Rag (It's RED, need I say more?). 100% cotton/super bulky/450 grams/250yds. $10.00 plus postage.

18 balls plus one partial of Rowan R2 Cotton Rag in off-white. 100% cotton/super-bulky/900grams/500yds. $20.00 plus postage.

2 balls of Estelle Young Touch Cotton DK. 100 grams total/220yds of nice quality cotton DK. $5.00 plus postage.

I have more, but it's going to charity.


Sandra D said...

I'm interested in the Sonata kit if still available. My email is dacsxd at comcast dot net.

tracy on bowen island said...

Yikes, your selection is much better than the one I tried to flog at my knitting group this week! How many fun fur scarves can a girl have, especially since I haven't worn one or knitted one in several years :)
PS I ordered some of that Atacama Alpaca, I loved your knitting so much. Right now I am addicted to Cascade Eco wool, its so soft and comes in lovely natural colors, just right for the sons in my life who will only wear hemp, organic cotton and bamboo....
Good luck with your sale! I am still carrying my cast off yarn in my car, on its way to a thrift shop I guess (nylon ribbon yarn, what was I thinking???)

jayne said...

Well, there are a few Yikes yarns on their way to other places. A halfway house for women recovering from addictions. They are required to learn to knit or crochet and are apparently voracious for any and all yarn.

I'm curious about which colour of Atacama you chose, Tracy. I've often wondered about the Cascade Eco, and glad to hear it is soft. No! Please say it is very scratchy. :)

I've done the back of the Atacama tee and started on the front. I keep petting it.

tracy on bowen island said...

The Amazon colour, just like you. I was going to choose a different one, until I saw yours knit up, and fell in love with the colours! Your knit stalking friend :)

If we ever meet, we will have make sure, we email each other before hand, so we don't end up looking like twins!

Could you tell me the name of the halfway house, I know myself, and several other knitters in my group, who would love to donate yarn!

Miss B said...

I am interesting in purchasing the red r2 cotton rag.

Christie said...

Do you still have the ivory rag?

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm interested in buying the rowan red rag if it is still available? also how much would it be to send to england? please email many thanks