Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shawl We Knit?

Okay, I'm knitting. Albeit slowly. But I am knitting. The dyeing business has been going great guns, with all kinds of special orders and friendly knitters on the other end of the email (y'all make it so much fun). I am a lot more organized now, so I can take time out to do other things from time to time.

I'm knitting Shui Kuen's beautiful shawl Moonlight Sonata. A bunch of us are doing a KAL, and I'm glad. That's probably going to keep me on track. I'm determined to finish this project and then, one at a time, catch up on some of my other recently abandoned knitting projects. How fun that I get to knit this project in some of my own Blueberry Semi-Solid yarn. I'm convinced that I bought this yarn from someone else 'cuz I can't really believe it was me.

Not to tempt overly, but you know how it is around here. I've been outed as a yarn dealer/pusher/enabler, and I might as well embrace the role. It seems to be the truth. Just keep in mind that I am in the same boat as everyone else when it comes to my...um...habit. I dyed up two skeins of the Washable Sport (80%merino/20%nylon) sock yarn in case anyone would like to knit up some Blueberry socks (one skein'll do ya) or a Moonlight Sonata Shawl (you'll need both). They are in the shop until they go, but I can do more. Got this colorway down cold now. See how rich it came out in this particular yarn:

I've finally settled on a name for this colorway. I started out calling it Manly, Yes...and then Irish Spring (manly yes..), and then Earth and Sky. This is the colorway I'm knitting Doug's socks in, and yesterday I figured out how to repeat it.

I am officially naming it: SHORELINE TRAIL. The colours remind me so much of the colours I see while walking at my favorite place (almost) in the whole world (except for Tofino).


Shoreline Trail is the only name that will do, don't you think? I've listed four skeins of this in Quebecoise over at the shop.


And to keep entering and entering my contest, leave those comments. Contest closes April 8. See details HERE.


Joan said...

There is no better inspiration than Mother Nature!

Beautiful work on your MS. Your YO's are as perfect as SK's. I must be doing something wrong. Good thing I have to start over!

I think the KAL might only be you, me & CBM...LOL. I think it's getting the bad rep of being too difficult.

CatBookMom said...

Jayne, the MS shawl is going to be drop-dead gorgeous!!! Love the yarn color. I didn't do any work on mine yesterday, but I did do some ends-weaving. I will comment that weaving ends with the Elann Super Tweed is tough, since it's so thick and stretchy; need to leave it loose.

Anonymous said...

Love your shawl, Jayne. I like the variations in color, yet they don't detract from the pattern. Perfect! I want to do that pattern, but I will NOT allow myself to start a new project just yet. Maybe after next week, I can join the rest of the kal group.

Jennifer said...

The shawl is going to be gorgeous! And what a perfect name for the yarn SHORELINE TRAIL I LOVE IT!

You are doing a fantastic job.... I majored in Fiber Arts and Illustration/Design in college... You have gift! Keep it up!

jayne said...

You guys are all too kind. But I love it of course.

Yes, I am happy with Shoreline Trail. I will think of it every time I walk there. Hmmm...maybe I need some Shoreline Trail socks, or at least a hat. :)

I'm not finding the Moonlight shawl to be difficult, just have to take my time and think about what I'm doing. No TV, no conversation, no iPod. Just the lace. At those mindless times, there is always a sock on the go.

ikkinlala said...

The photos are so pretty, and that's a really good name for the yarn. Also, the shawl looks great.

jayne said...

Thanks, Ikkinlala (great name!). It has been good to have you posting here.

Karin said...

Now that my hands have ungnarled themselves... How are you finding moonlight sonata? I love it and would like to get started now that my other knitting "stuff" is done. I can see it in a mossy, silvery green (lily pad sonata?)

CatBookMom said...

I took my SJK yarns to show Knitdevil Madge (http://knitdevil.blogspot.com/) today. She liked the Coral Glow but loved the Forest Camo and Hydrangea. You may be getting another LA-area customer - or two; Madge has a number of yarn-addict friends!

benne said...

Hmmm, posted yesterday but I think blogger ate my comment. I'll try again. I love the way your shawl is knitting up on your yarn. Lovely.

I like your new colors very much, the pinks are gorgeous. Big kudos to Miss Hayley and her yarn. Very pretty!

When do I start bugging Tony (DMM) about my copperberry??? I can't wait for it to get here! :-}