Saturday, March 31, 2007

Playing Around

Yesterday afternoon I was playing around. I mean I was working REALLY hard. Wipes sweat from brow. My boss is such a slave driver. And she hogged all the Aero bars.

This is fun. I'm calling it LILAC. I wish I could tell you how I got this yarn to do this, but I'll just smile quietly to myself. It was highly unexpected.

I can only do this effect on this particular yarn for now. It's a new basic yarn I'm offering. 100%wool that has been mercerized (the process that removes hairy fibers to make yarn smooth and machine washable). The yarn is merino soft, and has a lovely hand and drape. It's worsted weight (20st on 4.5mm needles). Handwash recommended or machine wash on gentle and lay flat to dry. I've dyed four 100g/200yd skeins. 15.00/per 100g skein. (posted Mar.31)

New Colorway!

APRICOT (I can also do PEACHY by adding in some extra blush of the darker colour).

I've done three skeins here in 100% hand-wash merino DK (22st on 4mm). 100g/246yds per skein. 16.00/per 100g skein (posted Mar. 31)

Somebody emailed me the other day and asked what I thought was a perfect yellow. I suppose that is a highly subjective thing, but to me, this is the perfect yellow. I'm calling it BUTTERSCOTCH. I dyed it on a skein of Rowan Pure Wool DK. This one is for me (back off, get your own sandwich), but I can do this colorway on any of my yarns. I plan to make myself a nice pair of instant-gratification socks.

Here I've posed BUTTERSCOTCH next to APRICOT to show the difference. The colours of each are a bit richer in real life, and they glow more, but the photos are not bad.


Jennifer said...

Ok, you've done it again. Now I have to buy more.... sending you and email shortly for my order.

CatBookMom said...

I hope you will remember how to do that gorgeous Lilac later, when I have a smidge of room in the yarn stash for it. I know, it may not be the same, but I'm bulging the walls now.

BTW, is back in operation

jayne said...

Well, it's not a matter of remembering how, it's a matter of what one particular dye colour did when exposed to the base colour that made the Lilac. I could repeat that a hundred times, but the trick will be how to get that to happen on a different base colour. You would not believe me if I told you what dye colour created that wonderful colour scheme. It was totally a case of, hmmm I wonder what would happen if I dip this in here? Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh.....!!

Marta said...

Jayne, you must keep wondering...the results are magnificent! Your site is full of eye candy.

jayne said...

Thanks, Marta. You should see my family room, lol!

Karin said...

OK! Lilac and apricot. Now I am done for. I should send you a pic of my stash room and then you would know how little I need this but how much I WANT it :)! Heading off to do more of that alonging and topia-twostep!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Lilac and Apricot and Butterscotch!!!!!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Great colors. The apricot is especially unusual.

ikkinlala said...

I think I may agree with your notion of the perfect yellow.