Monday, February 05, 2007

Totally Tubular!

My beloved son went back to school this morning.
There was much rejoicing.
On my end, at least.

Colin's week-and-a-half semester break was a long haul for me. There were many moments when I wanted to wring his head off his neck, but chiropractic is expensive, so I knit him a pair of cozy house socks instead.

He wears them overtop his regular socks on his "massive" size 12 feet.

I used 110 yards of bulky weight yarn for each sock (220 yds. total) in Patons Norspun.
I cast on 36 stitches and Knit on 5mm DPN's: 8" of leg; 2.5" of heel; 10 inches of foot before toe shaping (12" total)
I used this pattern for Dorm Socks on Knitting Pattern Central.

I'm still ooohing and aahhhing over that scrumptious Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran I bought from In the end, I put in three separate orders. Now I have enough to do my Ribby Cardi, a grey sweater of unknown-as-yet pattern, a few odds and ends, and Knitty's Tubey Pattern.

I've had my eye on knitting this sweater for a while, but I didn't want to invest in that much Cashmerino Aran. When the LH Kashmir Aran showed up at elann, I knew I had my Tubey yarn. Haven't quite worked out my colour scheme, but playing around with these:

Anyone want to go Tubing with me?


junior_goddess said...

Very pretty stuff, Jayne!

Lisa W. said...

nice yarn porn there! now you have your "me time" back..hooray! by the way my almost 15 y/o dd thinks your 15 y/o ds is kind of cute :) she wants to know if he has a MySpace account. I got my avocado Kashmir Aran yesterday. I want to wallow in this stuff. But I'm not even swatching until Lady E is finished otherwise I'll never return to her!

jayne said...

LOL, Lisa. I laughed for quite a while. Then showed your comment to DD, and she chuckled along with me.

No...he does not have a myspace account. He is a pretty nice kid though. Does your DD talk hockey at all??

CatBookMom said...

Great socks. Tubey looks cute and will look good on you. Glad you're back to your own style of MySpace!