Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dyeing to Show You

This is a sock I knitted from one of my previous dye efforts with KP Wool of the Andes Worsted. You can find the skein in an earlier post. There will be enough for a pair of women's 8 socks. Hmm...just my size.

This was yesterday's experiment. I started with a white Wool of the Andes skein and did the easter-egg dip with several colours.

Then I intensified some spots as per yesterday's "spotch" method. Such a technical term: Spotch.

It's still damp here, but this is what the skein looks like if I don't rewind it. I like this look. It reminds me of a summer flower garden.

This is what it looks like dry and re-distributed. The re-distribution gives a somewhat more accurate view of what it will look like when knitted. The two contrasting colourways will knit differently in this one because they are longer. I'm wondering if with socks, it will almost stripe. This one makes me laugh out loud, it is so cheerful. The colours came out so clear, without any muddying.

This is that tweedy ball of Patons Classic Tweed. I overdyed it into one of my infamous camo-ways.

I've had a lot of interesting comments in the last few days and in emails. I will respond to some of those later today. As for taking anyone interested? I ordered some undyed sock yarn from a distributor called Wool 2Dye4. That should be fun!


Kim said...

You inspired me. I picked up a small sampler package of Wilton's today. I figure if my dyeing experiment goes awry I can always frost a cake!

jamie said...

Wow! You have so much energy and creativity when you get started! Your colors are super intense, and the socks are winners, for sure.
Jayne, it's exciting to watch you go! Beautiful projects!

CatBookMom said...

The sock looks great! The picture is so sharp I can count stitches; looks like you did this one with 40 sts and a 10-row heel flap??? The orange/green is truly cheerful, and you are amazing that you managed such crispness of the colors, nothing muddled. Even the 'camo' is really something I'd call Deep Forest, since the colors are richer than I think of as being in a camouflage colorway.

Is 'gibeeah' a real word? Seems familiar????

daverichards said...

These look great...they are really colorful...and well since Easter is also coming up in a while i'd also liek you to drop by my blog on Easter Fun sometime and share some of the spirit of Easter!!!

Karin said...

Hmm-m-m... Someone said something about dyeing sock yarn for me? I think Doug's yarn and the camo are fabulous! This might be a great sideline for you, you've definitely picked up the knack of it very quickly :).

Madge said...

I'd love some of your camo colorway! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that bluey-purple sock! You have quite the talent. Really, how about setting up shop, and having your friends get first dibs?

Jennifer said...

Wow! is right... if the later sunset is still available I would love to purchase. And if you could make a second one as close as possible I will take that as well... Love IT. with info... thanks!