Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Loose Ends

A reader sent me an email yesterday about the image Doug posted with Under Construction. The woman in the poster is wearing a red and white scarf over her hair. The "bullet scarves" were designed by Oleg Cassini to be worn by women working in the factories that supported the war effort. The scarves came in different colours and had white oval dots on them with markings that resembled whizzing bullets. The scarves identified the working women to people who had the resources to run a car, and the women were given rides to work in carpools. Apparently this happened in every major city in the US during WWII. The reader who emailed me told me that she remembered her mother wearing her red scarf on her way to work at a munitions plant.

What an interesting piece of cultural history, don't you think?

The dyeing jokes continue to abound around here. Some examples from the kids (these are funnier heard aloud):

Mom, are you dyeing today?

Did you dye yesterday?

Will you dye again tomorrow?

Me: I need to sit down and unwind.

Hayley went to work for me yesterday, uwinding balls of yarn so that I could turn them into skeins. Doug has been busy working on my blogger formatting.

I don't know if it was something Doug did, or Blogger itself, but I can't upload photos just now. I have some beautiful new yarns to post to the store and will do so when I can post photos.

Now I'm off to see a store about a swift.

Happy knitting!


Joan said...

It's too bad those dyeing jokes just won't die.

Anonymous said...

A new swift! I LOVE mine, a lot! By the way, Blogger is having a problem with uploading pics, and they have all AM. They said they were working on it.

jayne said...

Hi Joan and Trish,

Yes, the groaners never end. Kids don't get bored of what they like.

Trish, I haven't even set it up, but I'm about to. It looked grand in the store. Doug told me about blogger and pix. OH well, I get a day off.