Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fiber Matters

And not just at the breakfast table.

Yesterday, I dyed three different yarns in the same colours and got three different results. I've been discovering all kinds of interesting things about how different fibers react to colours and the dyeing process.

All three yarns began as off-whites, but each type interpreted the Blueberry colorway in its own unique way. On the left are three skeins of merino/alpaca/silk (see photo below also) that took on turquoise tones. The single dark skein in the middle is washable sock yarn (spoken for). I've found that washable yarns soak up colour more intensely than softer handwash yarns. The skeins on the right are soft merino fingering. These ones came out mauve/periwinkle.

So far, the yarns that impresses me the most with their ability to glow with complexity are the hardy naturals: New Zealand, Quebecoise, and Aran weight.

I've listed the merino/alpaca/silk blend and the merino fingering in my shop.


Anonymous said...

Good thing I completed my order yesterday!! That periwinkle is very pretty. And spring-y.

benne said...

Pretty colors, Jayne. Very interesting how the different fibers reacted to the same dyes. All I know for sure is, if it's an expensive fiber and you spill something yukky on it, you can never get it out. ;-}

Anonymous said...

So interesting, the way the dye takes to the fibers. I know you must already be doing this, but are you keeping notes? I have to write everything down, or else I forget it. You need to stop posting on the Moonlight Sonata. I am so dangerously close to starting that project!