Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Yarns in the Shop

You never know when something new will show up HERE.


Evelyn said...

Hi Jayne
Wow, I'm very impressed with your yarn colours. You're doing such a professional job.
Are you doing it in your kitchen? Is there a big mess? Do you get it all over you? Obviously you love what you're doing. One more touchy question on a rather touchy subject. Why the heck do we have to see US pricing. What's the matter with Canadian prices? I can see you using US prices for the majority of your clients but couldn't you start with Canadian first and then US. Works for Elann!
I'm sure you will receive an order from me in the very near Canadian funds. Ha Ha.

jayne said...

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks so much for your encouragement.

I do it in my kitchen, yes. I do not make a big mess, surprisingly (but much as I love to mess around, I'm not that messy). I wear my regular (old) jeans and tees and I don't even wear an apron. (!!) I wear latex gloves Haven't got any on me yet. Just my hands once in a while when I grab something without the gloves on. Then I have a nice yellow or green or teal coloured hand for the rest of the day.

I appreciate you raising the issue of Cdn. vs US funds. Not that touchy, and it's a good question. The funny thing is that my answer is: because Elann does. I automatically get US prices at elann unless I sign in first.

The other reason is that so far, every single person who has ever bought garage sale or hand-painted yarn from me (and that is several so far) have all been in the US. Seems the US is my market so far.

I will think about this though. I am Canadian after all. Maybe I need some Canadian clients. :)

And yes, Evelyn, your order will be converted to Canadian funds. Unfortunately, I will have to charge GST, but postage will be cheaper.

Thanks so much for coming by!

jayne said...

I have to add a PS. to that last comment.

Doug says I do not make a big mess, but I do consume a large space. And he is not that keen on the smell of vinegar and wet sheep, but he is getting used to it. :) ;)

Kim said...

The new yarns are gorgeous colors. Watch that red - I got it on my counter and it goes away when i scrub but then reappears a little while later. A real PITA.

jayne said...

Hi Kim,

Yeah, red has a way of hanging around a while. I spray with Mr Clean, and that gets rid of most of it. Mr Clean does a great job on my utensils too.