Friday, March 23, 2007

Sample Cards Now Available

Sample cards with snips of my most commonly available yarns are now available. These will be samples of the yarns themselves (assorted colours), not of my colorways in particular. This way you can feel and see what the different yarns are like. Sample cards will include snips of:

Basic Hardy Naturals: Aran Weight; New Zealand Worsted/Aran Wool; Quebecoise Light Worsted; Tweedy Merino Worsted

Basic Wool Yarns: Merino Worsted; Peruvian Wool

Popular DK Yarns: Superwash 100% Merino DK; Handwash 100% Wool DK

Sock/Fingering: Henry's Attic Handwash 100% Merino Sport; Lanett 100% Merino Superwash Fingering

Laceweight:'s Super Kydd Mohair

And...I might throw in a few extras

Sample Cards will be 5.00USD, including postage.


CatBookMom said...

My gawd, woman, you are awesome! I'm looking for my first shipment and here you have color cards already!!

jayne said...

Not colour cards, CBM, wool cards. People like to feel the wool. I'm not remotely close to colour cards yet.

Doug has driven me out of the bed, so here I sit getting sleepy again so that I can drift off on the couch. Tomorrow, I'M getting the bed. He has this new job offer on his mind, and he has no idea how awful he is to sleep with when his mind is working away on something. Normally I boot him out, but tonight I didn't have the heart. Easier to relocate.