Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Zip It

Yay! I'm very glad to be finished the Mondial Kross Jacket, not least because I want to wear it. The Camoflage colourway actually makes it kind of difficult to photograph the details. They show up fine in person. The jacket is ribbed very similarly to the Ribby Cardi with plain panels. There is a nice big cable running up each sleeve, and yes, that is a hood. You have to squint a bit.

Don't forget, as with all my photographs, you just have to click on them to make them bigger.

I started this one back in October, or November and then dragged it out again a few weeks ago to finish it. The yarn is thick, and the sweater got heavy and unwieldy as it came together. I found that knitting the hood was a slow slog. Then it sat on the floor in a shriveled heap. The sleeves were ridiculously scrawny, and all the rib made it look like it was not going to fit very well.

Then I washed it. And everything relaxed and got even softer (it was pretty nice to begin with), and it fits like a charm, and I love it. It is sooo comfy and a nice longer length for me, so I won't get any drafts up my back when I go outside in it.

Today it sat beside me on the couch while I worked on a sleeve from the Ribby Cardi. It beamed thoughts at me.

"I want a zipper," it said. "I know you have one in that Wal-Mart bag over there, and I would really like to have it installed today."

Well, it asked so politely that I couldn't refuse. Even though the last thing I wanted to do was to sew in a zipper. Who ever wants to sew in a zipper?? I poured myself a Coke (things, even zippers, go better with coke) and put on a schlocky movie and worked away. By the time the movie was over, I had installed the zipper.

The Knitty Details:

Yarn: Mondial Kross 100% washable Merino yarn. I used 11 balls. And I used every darn yard of every darn ball too. And that was with skipping the pocketsies. 11x100 gram balls = 970 yds of bulky yarn.

Pattern: in idee & filati no. 37 autumn/winter, put out by Mondial. Pattern 979: Camel Jacket with Hood (one size)
I bought yarn and pattern book at elann.com

Gauge: 12/13 st and 17 rows = 4" on 7mm needles


Lisa W. said...

very nice. I'm not into zipper sweaters or camo...but that is really really nice looking...and holy cow...when you click on the picture to make it bigger..it get's HUGE...and you can see all the nice cably details. well done young jayne!

Anonymous said...

Very nice sweater, and the zipper really makes it, in my opinion. They are kind of a pain to insert, but I love the outcome.

Tanya said...

It looks great. I love zippers in cardys, I think it makes yours. You are right, the length is perfect.

Gaile said...

Lovely sweater, Jayne! Looks very wearable (I like the length).

SK said...

That looks like a warm jacket. Good color and nice job on zipper. I failed once. I am afriad to try it again.
You will not be cold even in our -41C wind chill here.

jayne said...

Thanks, y'all!

The zipper was worth the work. I'm going to wear the sweater out of the house for the first time when I take H to her piano lesson this afternoon.

-41 C, SK?????? That is BRUTAL weather. Ours is mild but rainy these days. Ack! That is cold. I would need a Yak-Hide to survive that.

Cindy G said...

Wow, nice job. Really cool sweater and it looks like it fits to perfection. I confess I've never yet put a zipper into knitting (totally intimidated).

Kim said...

The sweater looks great! You are an amazing knitter.