Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wallflower Socks

Happy to report a few knitterly accomplishments today.

I completed four rows on Moonlight Sonata. I've decided that I'm death to KAL's. Maybe that judgement is precipitous, but it seems that whenever I get in on a KAL, it dies a sudden and completely insignificant death. Not that I'm bitter.

Once you get past the first two repeats of the moon motif, the shawl becomes a much more enjoyable knit. I can now "see" what I'm doing. The pattern makes sense, and I am much less likely to make glaring mistakes. I might even have to make a sunshiny one in yellows when I'm done with Moonlight.

Today, I also finished the toe on Doug's Shoreline Trail sock #1 (sock on right).

Vital Statistics: Men's size-12 sock: Leg is 8" to beginning of heel flap; foot is approx. 11" long.
Worsted weight yarn (basic merino): I used 64grams for sock #1.
Cast-on 48st. on 3.75mm needles

Today, I finished knitting the foot and toe of my Forest Camo Tresko sock #1 (sock in middle).

Vital Statistics: Women's size-8 sock: Leg is 5" to heel flap; foot is 9" long.
Tresko Worsted Sock Yarn: I used 48grams for sock #1.
Cast-on 40st. on 4mm needles.

I've posted the sock on the left before, but here it sits waiting for its partner.

Vital Statistics: Women's size-8 sock: Leg is 8: to beginning of heel flap; foot is 9" long.
Worsted weight yarn: Basic Peruvian Wool in Twilight colorway: I used 46grams for sock#1.
Cast-on 40st on 3.75 needles.

The bright yellow ball is Butterscotch DK waiting to be cast on for sock #1 of yet another pair. Interloper. See the disturbing trend that is developing? Where are the dance partners for all these singleton socks??

And finally...the item under the blue bowl is a teeny bit of gift knitting I completed between yesterday and today. Ready to mail off on Monday.


Kim said...

I think we are all dying to see what is under the bowl!

Jennifer said...

WOW! I don't know who knits faster, you or Grace. I must have KDD (knitting Deficit Disorder) I'm easily distracted by the TV and will catch myself not knitting and watching instead.
Happy Knitting and Weekend!

Svetlana said...

Jayne, I LOVED the post about your job. It tells a lot about you and your passion for what you love. Keep it up, it sure makes a lot of people happy!

Grace Yaskovic said...

Jayne my meadow arrived today and I love it, I just hope it decides soon what it wants tot me

Lisa W. said...

great lookin socks...what's under the blue bowl? We are all just "dyeing" to see it...i cracked me up AGAIN!