Saturday, March 24, 2007

Name That Yarn

This is a colorway I was playing around with the other day. I was aiming for a field of flowers kind of effect. It came out looking more like stained glass. When I knitted it up though, it did look to me like a field of wildflowers.

I would appreciate some feedback on this one. Do you like the colorway? Should I include it in my list? And names? Wildflowers?? Help.

I still have plans to try for a field of spring flowers effect.

Okay, here's another one. On the left we have Copper Blaze, and on the right we have Blueberry. In the middle we have a combo of the two that was a special order this week. I was thinking Blueberry Blaze. The purchaser suggested Blazing Brooke, and Fire on the Water. Any votes? Or other suggestions?

This next one is a no-brainer. It is my Blueberry semi-solid. I dyed Optimum in this colour for a special order this week. It coordinates with the Blueberry Mohair.

This is my yarn, yes, yarn for me! It is Mondial Giada sportweight in 70% merino and 30% silk. This is one of the softest, smoothest, loveliest yarns I have ever felt. I am going to cast on for Shui Kuen's beautiful new shawl pattern over at Moonlight Sonata. View the pattern HERE.

This is a special order yarn that falls into the family of colors I call Hydrangea and Pansies. Hydrangea is lighter and on the pink/blue side. Pansies is darker and deeper with more blue/deep blue. This one falls in the middle but with a few dark pink accents. Any ideas for a name?

This is a better shot of Lilypad. Doug's name, and I love it. It's assorted greens, with splashes of iris blues and purples. Reminds me of a pond I pass whenever I walk at the inlet.

Finally, I was reading Grace's blog the other day, and I came across a beautiful photo of Alstromeria she had posted. I had to try for those colours. So here we have Astolomera on a skein of sock yarn.

Some of these are one-of skeins I have added to my shop. Some will show up in the colorways list when I get a chance. I do appreciate your feedback.

Don't forget my contest does not close until April 8, and you can enter as often as you like. If you want to know the details of the contest, click HERE.


tracy on bowen island said...

Twilight for the mohair in the middle.

Anonymous said...

The blooming season of Alpine meadows is so short that all flowers seem to bloom at once and carpet the ground. So, for the brilliant wildflowers: Alpine Flora/Mountain Garden/Sumer Is Icumen In?

Cheers, Karen

Jennifer said...

I love all the new colors. Your new color.... how about.. Bachelor Buttons at Dusk.

I do love all the blues, purples, and reds. They are my favorites. It might be fun to try something that falls in the colors of The Stargazer Lily Tiger Lily.

Have a great weekend! Happy Playing with Yarn!

Rosie Perera said...

How about "Crayola" (or if you can't use a copyrighted name, how about "Crayon Mélange") for the attempt at spring flowers, and "Rainbow" for the Copper Blaze & Blueberry blend.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jayne, I LOVE them! ALL of them. Ok, how about just Stained Glass for the multi-color? It is very appropriate, and that is just what it looks like. Or, if you really want a flower name in there, how about Stained Glass Statice? When you get the meadow flowers yarn dyed, then go for the flower names. As for the beautiful mohair, I'm sorry, but nothing else will do but Blueberry Blaze. Again, appropriate, yet still catchy. Such gorgeous colors. Great job, Miss Jayne!

Anonymous said...

Millefiori for the florals. Refers to the many flowers and many colors in patches next to one another.

Cheers, Karen

julie said...

I like the wildflower colorway. The blues are gorgeous.

Grace Yaskovic said...

love our alstromeria its very pretty!

CatBookMom said...

Your Copper Blaze could change me from a 'waters' color person (blues, greens, purples) to an 'earth' colors woman. That photograph is, well, I don't have words. I want all of them but the alstroemeria, but for now I'm going to be hopeful you'll put Copper Blaze into the 'repeatable' colors. BTW, here's a link to a wider view of the possible colors of those wonderful Peruvian Lilies (another name for them.)

Saralyn said...

Forest Path? Forest Flowers? Forest Spice? Spice Mix? Spice Flowers. Herb Flowers. Flowering Herbs.

And for the blueberry/copper:

(and I really like both color mixes!)


SooZ said...

A Coat of Many Colors??

Its all I see. =)

I'm delighted to see you venturing into the world of yarn and color. I've been out of touch - I just took a week off to visit Mom and travel down the coast of OR when I came upon the knit blogs. Wow, you've been busy! This has been a delightful read.

I say with a smile, I feel like I've been missing out on life. I'm looking to the light though: I've got 12 weeks to go and I get my life back.


Kim said...

For the first one - Desert Sunset. I love Fire on the Water for the mohair. Especially since mohair is wispy and wild like flames and difficult to put out when it doesn't behave!

ikkinlala said...

I can't think of any good names at the moment, but the colours are gorgeous.

benne said...

I'm so excited, that gorgeous mohair is mine, mine, all mine! I can't wait for it to get here! :-}

Stell said...

Oh my, what wonder full yarns and yarn colours, I am sooooo.... tempted. I'll be back ...