Monday, March 12, 2007

Good Lord, Morning.

Ugh. I don't adjust well to time changes. None of us chez Schmidt do. I don't know anybody who does. If you do, I don't want to know about it. We're all cranky around here, and we all had a lousy sleep last night.

I remember a joke that was circulating around church years ago. Do you wake up saying "Good morning, Lord!" Or do you wake up saying, "Good Lord, morning."

I just got a phone call saying that I do NOT have a chiropractor appointment this morning (like I hoped I did). Oh sad. And to top it all off, I think I'm in the early stages of, well I'd rather not say the word. Let's just say that I get over-heated and sweaty like I never used to.

On the up side, it looks like it will be a partly sunny day today, after the weekend monsoon, and I am going to get outside and go for a nice long walk.

And I'm surrounded by beautiful and colorful yarn, some of which is flying away in little boxes, to far away lands and foreign knitting needles. Fly and be free, dear yarn! Have a good life! Don't forget to write!

Even Doug is showing a new and, dare I say, enthusiastic (with a small "e") interest in yarn. He has taken on the thankless task of being my business manager, bless his dear heart. Now he wants goods for services rendered. I'm already working on his "Manly Yes" socks, but all on his own he discovered these:

Available here.

Doug is a computer geek by profession and subscribes to various geek-websites, one of which posted the link to these. He promptly emailed me: I WANT SOME SPACE INVADERS SOCKS!!

Maybe a hat...

He also wants one of these:

You can get the free pattern here.

I'm thinking pink, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho! Oh that is a classic, Jayne. Definitely the pink! Love the Elvis wig. Everyone needs one of those to wear with their space invader socks!!! hahaha! kelly

CatBookMom said...

What Kelly said! I'm glad you're getting so much interest in your hand-dyed yarns. I'm looking forward to my order, though I'm in no rush, since I have a couple of WIPs to keep me busy, lol.

Suzann said...

Rotflmao..oh yeah the pink one. That sock pattern made the front page at A geeky news service. It was so very funny reading guys who under normal circumstances wouldn't even admit to having mothers, wondering if their Moms could knit the socks for them :-)

Madge said...

Doug is gonna be stylin' in his Elvis do and his new socks...will he be wearing them both with say, a nice sequined polyester jumpsuit (for the full late-Elvis effect!)? *grin*

Those SI socks rock. And I love how guys have found the pattern.

jayne said...

Doug says it was on Boing Boing, Suzann. I guess it's making the rounds.

I don't see doing sox in that pattern, but maybe a hat. It is awfully cute.

Have I mentioned that Doug has done the Elvis thing in full costume before? I'll have to post that photo. It's a scream!

benne said...

Yep, Kelly said it. I was picturing him wearing both of them. Pink, of course for the Elvis do. I hope he has a white sequined jumpsuit and lots of scarves to throw at the ladies. ;-}