Thursday, March 15, 2007

Blogger is Not my Friend These Days

I have a bunch of new yarns to post in the shop, but pissy blogger won't upload photos. Apparently they're "working on it." This does not fill me with confidence.

In the meantime, I have photographed and gotten them all looking pretty, like puppies in the window begging to go home with somebody kind. And those babies will be on line as soon as technology cooperates.

Shall I tell you what there is, so you can start drooling?

A good-sized skein of laceweight mohair that I dyed using's Super Kidd. Even I was surprised at the way this one turned out. It is unbelievably beautiful. I just want to look at it.

Several 100g skeins of sport-weight and DK. All soft (merino), all machine washable, and all perfect for socks, gloves, underwear, whatever turns you on.

And a really huge hank (200 grams) of glorious sturdy wooly-wool that is drying as we speak. And that needs my help to figure out yardage and gauge. I think it's somewhere between DK and worsted.

This has been a big week, but I'm pretty organized here at home now, and I have a fun stock of goodies to work with.


Daryl said...

Hey Jane, your colors look gorgeous. They are coming out so beautifully. Did you get white DB last year when it was on sale or are you overdyeing? I love your pansies and hydrangeas and i'm trying to figure out what color you used as the baseline. I'm still knitting on the second sock of my KP dye your own sock yarn. It is really soft, but pilling a bit in my purse from being carried around so I don't know how well it will wear.

jayne said...

Hi Daryl,


Pansies and Hydrangea were overdyed over kind of a mineral blue/green base colour. Quite a light one. I've got some light green I'm overdyeing now.

Suzanne warned me not to make sock yarn from the KP sock yarn (it's good for shawls etc). She said it stretches out of shape. I'm getting my sock yarn from very good stock. Costs more, but a better product.

Thanks for stopping to comment.