Friday, November 09, 2007

New Girl in Town

Meet Mooch!

Mooch is really teeny. We got her a few weeks ago 'cuz we're hamster-lovin' kind of people.

Yes, we still have Daisy. Daisy loves cilantro. Daisy does not love Mooch. We introduced them briefly, and Daisy made it very clear that she was the Alpha-Chick. Then we had to separate the two of them so that it didn't turn into a Sam Peckinpah moment.

Daisy loves Carrots.

Mooch loves to attack the giant sunflower seed head that Grandma sent home with us at Thanksgiving.

This is me waving hello to everyone out there in blogland.

In case you've worried, no I have not been working 24/7. I have been knitting!!! Yes, real knitting has been going on. I can't show you what I'm knitting, unfortunately, but I can show you the secret bag that it's in. Maybe tomorrow. :)