Friday, March 23, 2007

Hayley's First Dye Job

I promised Hayley that she would get an opportunity to dye a skein of yarn this week while she's off for spring break. Yesterday, she took me up on the offer.

She chose her colors and went off to work, experimenting with a snip of yarn, and coming up with her own pattern and combinations.

I kept a discreet distance, except when she called me to "Come and See!"

We cooked the yarn, and then Hayley got a call from a friend asking her over to play and for a sleepover. So there her yarn sits, all dyed and cooked, in its plastic wrapping, waiting for her to come home today to rinse it and see how it came out.

This is a special order I worked on yesterday. Blueberry Super Kydd Mohair and matching Blueberry Optimum. I'm not sure what the knitter's plans are, but that Optimum would be the perfect colour, yarn-type, and texture for Shui Kuen's glorious new Shawl pattern Moonlight Sonata, just published today over at Elann.

And if I didn't keep losing my needles, along with my mind, I'd have a sock to show you today. Doug and I watched the movie Blood Diamond last night -- an excellent and thought-provoking film. I lost a DPN in the middle of the movie. And then another. Sigh. I knitted a swatch instead. Can't screw that up.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blues! And, as the commercial goes, your daughter's expression - priceless!


ikkinlala said...

She looks so serious in the first two photos.