Friday, March 09, 2007

The Store is Open

I will update this link whenever I have new yarns available. If you would like to buy something (and I will not think less of you if you do not choose to shop here),please email me.

My Shop Email is: see jayne knit at shaw dot ca
Or: click on the email link in my profile box
Shop Policies are listed below the eye candy (scroll down)


Way #1: Come to the store link to see what's here. The items posted in the store are dyed, dried, and ready to ship. They are special items, samples, limited quantities of yarns that I happen to have, new colour skeins, small batches of stuff I've cooked up. No guarantee that any of it will be repeated. First come, First served.

Way #2: TO SEE ALL AVAILABLE COLORWAYS AND YARN TYPES, CLICK HERE. Choose a colorway, and then choose a yarn to go with the colorway, and email me your heart's desire. Just like getting your pasta and your sauce at the local Italian joint. I will add new colours from time to time, and will update available yarns as I receive them.

Way #3: You have your own idea. Email me with your grand scheme, and I'll see what I can do.

(Click on any of the pix to get really big pix)


Ladder Lace. I have lots of this in white and can do it up in any colorways. Skeins are 50g/158yds. 100%nylon. 18st on 5mm or use as carry along with any yarn. 10.00/skein.

MOONLIGHT(merino/alpaca/silk) DK with MOONLIGHT Ladder Lace

MOONLIGHT (three skeins of ladder lace): 100%nylon. 50g/158yds per skein. 18st on 5mm or use as carry along with any yarn. 10.00/per 50g skein. (posted April 6)

GIRLY CAMO(The upper skein with more rust has sold; the lower skein with more green is still available): 100% Merino/Machine Washable. 100g/414yds of Fingering weight (32st. on 2mm). 21.00/per skein. (posted April 4)

BEARDED IRIS(Two skeins available/one skein will do a pair of socks): 80%merino/20%nylon. Machine Washable Sportweight (28st on 2-2.5mm). 100g/350yds. 20.00/per 100g skein. (posted April 4)

TWO SOLD/TWO REMAINING: LILAC:It's a new basic yarn I'm offering. 100%wool that has been mercerized (the process that removes hairy fibers to make yarn smooth and machine washable). The yarn is merino soft, and has a lovely hand and drape. It's worsted weight (20st on 4.5mm needles). Handwash recommended or machine wash on gentle and lay flat to dry. I've dyed four 100g/200yd skeins. 15.00/per 100g skein. (posted Mar.31)

New Colorway!

ONE SOLD/TWO REMAINING: APRICOT (I can also do PEACHY by adding in some extra blush of the darker colour).
I've done three skeins here in 100% hand-wash merino DK (22st on 4mm). 100g/246yds per skein. 16.00/per 100g skein (posted Mar. 31)

MOONLIGHT: This is the 70% merino/20% alpaca/10% silk yarn(Queensland Uruguay DK) listed above. I dyed three 100g/248yd skeins in my Blueberry Colorway. They came out a lovely medium color range with teal/turquoise tones. DK weight(22st on 4mm). Handwash. 22.00/per 100g skein.

MOONLIGHT: Blueberry colorway in soft mauve/periwinkle tones. Two skeins of 100%Merino fingering(28-32st on #1-#3 needle). 100g/440yds. Handwash. 17.00/per 100g skein. *Not recommended for socks, but perfect for soft garments, lacework.

BOYSENBERRY: This is a ONCE only skein. The base yarn is Karabella Kid Mohair Laceweight (61% kid mohair/8%wool/31%nylon). 50g/540yds. Handwash. 26.00

RUSTY CAMO: One skein of 75%wool/25% nylon, machine washable sock yarn (28st on 2.5-3mm needles). 100g/384yds. Enough for a pair of socks. 18.00

SHORELINE TRAIL: Lovely mix of greens,browns,misty blues. I dyed three skeins that coordinate. Each skein is 100% wool in the Hardy Naturals Collection (Quebecoise). Great for felting, home decor, and durable outerwear, or a light sweater to wear over long sleeves. 100g/200yds of light worsted (19-20st on 4.5mm). Handwash or Felt. 14.00 per skein. (posted Mar. 27)

SPRING BLOSSOM: Hardy Naturals Aran 100% wool. The Aran is the softy in this group of yarns. Soft and yet strong. 100g/175yds. Gauge:16-18st on 4.5-5.5mm. Handwash/feltable. 14.00 (posted Mar. 26)

MILLEFIORI (one skein): Looks like a carpet of wildflowers when knit. 100g/220yds of basic merino worsted. Handwash. 20st on 4.5mm. 14.00 (posted Mar. 24)

LILYPAD(three skeins) (Iris blues/purples on green background). I can dye this on any of my available yarns. In stock, I have three 100g/220yd skeins of basic merino worsted. Handwash. 14.00 per skein. (posted Mar. 22)

TRESKO WORSTED WEIGHT SOCK YARN: 80% wool/20% nylon, 4-ply machine washable yarn. Suggested Gauge: 18st=4"on 4.5-5mm needles for regular knitting. 20-22st=4" on 4mm needles for sock knitting.

This is likely the only time I will offer this yarn as I bought up the last of it from my supplier. Tresko is by Sandnes and is designed to make hard-wearing, warm work socks. The picture on the ball band shows hardy socks in wooden clogs. This yarn feels durable and strong, yet light in weight. It would make nice outerwear jackets for children, or strong socks for boots or for slouching around in the house. The texture of the yarn feels like felted wool. Skeins are priced according to weight, and they're all a bit different. You will need about 90-100grams for a pair of childrens' or women's (5"leg) socks. You will need about 150 grams for men's socks. The colours go together if you want to do stripes and would also look good with dark solids between.

The above colours are semi-solid. There will be slight/subtle variations in tone throughout the skein.(posted Mar. 21)

I have in stock:
Tresko Deep Blue(see photo): 45g/71yds. 5.00

Tresko Teal (see photo): 45g/71yds. 5.00

Tresko Purple(see photo): 90g/143yds. 12.00
Tresko Purple: 145g/230yds. 17.00
*The purple skeins were not dyed together, but could be knitted together by alternating skeins

What to knit for the conservative guy on your list?

Tresko Forest Camo: 145g/230 yds. 17.00. Actual colour is a bit darker.

PANSIES(Two skeins): Hardy worsted 100%wool(Quebecoise). Each skein is 100grams/200yds and knits up at 19-20st=4" on 4-4.5mm needles. Handwash/Feltable. The two skeins match, but should be knitted by alternating skeins. I can dye more of this colorway to match on request. 14.00 per 100g skein. (posted Mar. 21)

MERMAID(one skein) (Hayley named this one): 50g/518yd of Super Kydd Laceweight(70% kid mohair, 30% nylon). Handwash only. 28.00 (posted Mar. 20).

CANADIAN MAPLE(one skein): 100g/200yds of Hardy Basics (Quebecoise) Light Worsted 100% wool (scroll past the photos for more detail on this yarn). 19-20st on 4-4.5mm. Handwash/Feltable. 14.00 (posted Mar. 18) I've seen beautiful felted items made in this wool.

MEADOW(one skein/ will make a pair of socks): Reminds me of the deer in the meadow on Anvil Island in the Howe Sound. A lovely soft 50% Baby Alpaca/50% wool blend. Base yarn is Lana Gatto New Alpaca sportweight (25st on 3-3.5mm). 100g/354 yds. I can do more of these on request. Handwash. 22.00 (posted Mar. 18).

HYDRANGEA(one skein): 100g/308yds of cashmere soft merino DK(24st). Base yarn is SWTC Optimum DK, specially treated to be decadently soft. Handwash. 22.00 (posted Mar. 16)

PAPRIKA(one skein/ will make a pair of socks): 100g/414yds of 100% merino Fingering(31-32st) (Lanett). Machine washable. Soft and springy, perfect for socks. 21.00 (posted Mar. 16)

PINATA PARTY(one skein/ will make a pair of socks): 100g/414yds of 100% merino fingering(31-32st)(Lanett). Machine washable. Soft and springy, perfect for socks. 21.00 (posted Mar.15)

EMERALD(one skein): 100g/240yds of Debbie Bliss 100% Merino DK (22st). Machine Washable. Greens are richer than in photo. I space dyed this one in 2yard repeats. You should get a subtle striping effect between the lighter and darker colours. This would make decadent socks, hat, gloves, or scarf. 18.00 Make luxury gloves, socks, scarf(posted Mar.15)

LEAF CAMO(one skein): 100g/198yds of 100% Pure New Wool (merino soft). Base yarn is Scheepjeswol Zermat DK(22st). Machine Washable. Nice and soft. The base colour is a light leafy green (shown in background). I can make more of this on request. 15.00 (posted Mar. 15)

SUNSET(one skein/ will make a pair of women's socks): 100g/272yds of 100% merino machine washable. The base yarn is Rowan Pure Wool DK. A decadent yarn for instant gratification socks. 20.00 (posted Mar. 15)

CREAM SODA(one skein): 100grams/220yds of basic merino worsted. Handwash/feltable. 14.00 (posted March 12)

MAI TAI(one skein): 100grams/220yds of basic merino worsted. Handwash/feltable. 14.00 (posted March 12)

WOODLAND(one skein): 100grams/220yds of basic merino worsted. Handwash/feltable. 14.00 (posted March 11)

GLORIOUS GREEN(one skein): tones from leaf/light sage all the way through to British racing car green. 90grams/200yds of basic merino worsted. Handwash/feltable. 12.00 (Posted March 11)

SPRING GARDEN(one skein): 100grams/220yds of basic merino worsted. Handwash/feltable. 14.00 (posted March 11)

TWILIGHT(one skein): Slightly bigger 108 gram/approx. 235 yds of basic merino worsted. Handwash/feltable. 15.00 (posted March 11)

GREEN ATTITUDE(one skein): 100 grams/140 yds of heavy worsted/light bulky (Valley Yarns Berkshire 85% wool / 15% alpaca). Single ply, soft and wooly and a wee bit hairy. The really dark bits are super dark brown. Handwash/feltable. 10.00 (posted March 9)


Yarns in shop sold on a first come, first served basis.


All items are one of a kind, and I cannot guarantee exact matches. If you buy multiple skeins of the same basic colorway, I recommend you knit two balls alternately to blend the colours evenly.

Prices are in US dollars. I have to charge what I charge, or it just isn't worth it in time and supplies The point for me is to have fun, share the joy, and help contribute towards the yarny lifestyle my husband has become accustomed to. The point for you (I hope) is to receive something unique that will be a pleasure to knit.

Prices do not include postage. Packages to the US cost 6.00US to mail 100 grams of yarn, and an additional 2.00 for each additional 100 grams. It is a bit less within Canada.

I accept payment by Paypal. If that is an obstacle, I have a few other options for you.

Privacy: All details/communications pertaining to your order will be held in strictest confidence.

I am committed to selling only yarns that I consider to be of good quality, clean, new, and properly dyed. I do recommend that you wash your yarn separately, at least the first time. A bit of residual colour sometimes comes out on first washing. This is not fading or colour loss, but a leftover of the rinsing process.

Please do email me if you have any questions or helpful suggestions.

TO CONTACT ME: Click on my profile box, and then click on the EMAIL LINK.

My Shop Email is: see jayne knit at shaw dot ca

People have asked if my yarns are colorfast. YES! They really are. I have swatched and tested several of them. The Canadian Maple pictured below did not shed a bit of colour when I washed my swatch (and I really squeezed). The other day I dyed a ball of superwash very dark and threw it into the washing machine whole and unrinsed. It came out just as dark as when it went in there. Every now and then, a residual amount of colour may come out with a first washing, but this is residual rinse-out and not fading. And everyone knows it's just wise not to wash bright colours with light ones. Most of us have found out the hard way.


Life's a Stitch said...

You've been busy! You have some nice looking yarn.

jayne said...

I'm having a blast! Thanks Li.

tracy on bowen island said...

NO please don't set up Paypal, it could be very dangerous! :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy, for the both of us! You, for doing something you love, and me, for having the opportunity to get something you made.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colorways! Just wonderful --- Please let me know if you intend to dye merino worsted in enough quantity for a sweater.
Trish BCG

Kim said...

Jayne everything looks great! Best of luck!

Grace Yaskovic said...

in due time I will be buying some, I love the sunset yarns but I need shawl quantities when the time comes, maybe DK too, but we will be watching to see what you have ---good luck enjoy your endeavors!

Lisa W. said...

yay! your talents and creativity are blossoming into an entrepreneurial enterprise! good for you!

Amy QOY said...

OK, Jayne
Tell me you have lots of Super Kydd in storage so when I have recovered from my recent purchases there will be some for me!
It is fabulous.

Les said...

Looking good enough to eat!! Yum!