Thursday, March 15, 2007

We're Back in Business!!

My super-genius husband discovered that the blogger photo problem was a Safari browser problem, so he switched me to Firefox, and now I can post my pretty pictures!

I am so proud of this one. It looked like a terrible mess until I rinsed it and held it up. The next day when it was all dry, I held it in front of the window and gazed at it like a magpie. It is so darn pretty. I think I'm going to have to make one for myself, just to gaze at it. The base yarn is's Super Kydd, and that stuff takes dye very nicely. Very nicely indeed. These pix are okay, but way richer in real life.

This followed me home from the store yesterday. Can I keep it?

I love it. I announced this morning to no one in particular that the swift had become my new best friend. "Better even than Dad?" Hayley asked.

Yes. But that was before he fixed my browser. His stock shot up again.


Grace Yaskovic said...

so nice to see all of those sold signs by your yarns, the colors are amazing. Have you knit any of it, and how colorfast is it, I am having god awful trouble with some Angel Hair from Joslyn Fiber Farms, my hands are green!!!

jayne said...

Hi Grace, you should not have to get dye on your hands. That is not an issue of colorfastness, that is an issue of not rinsing adequately.

Rinsing is a slow step, especially to avoid sticking/felting, so it has to be done with care. That's probably why color sometimes gets left in.

I've been knitting with the worsted, two colourways, and I have to swatch a DK (?) wool today. It's one I'm not familiar with.

My yarns are colorfast, and I rinse them thoroughly. They might give off a bit of residual color with washing, but again, that's rinsing, not fading.

benne said...

Wow, the Superkydd really took those autumn colors well. Very pretty colorways with your yarns. I may have to learn to knit socks yet. ;-}

jayne said...

Thanks, Benne. I am so impressed with how the Super Kydd performs. I dyed a batch this morning in a totally different palette. It's a born exhibitionist. I was also pleased with the way it washed and handled.

Lisa W. said...

well jayne, you are just going to have to save some of that hand dyed superkydd for ME!!!! (like I need more yarn!) look at all that lovely yarny goodness. how lovely!