Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dye Another Day

These are yesterday's efforts. I've photographed them in and out of sunshine to give the range of colours the best shot at accuracy. These skeins have been dyed, and re-skeined (that's how the colours get re-distributed). When you dye them, the colours are in blocks. Re-skeining is how you make them look so durn pretty. Don't forget to click on the pix!

This first one is a skein of Hill Country Merino Sock Yarn. It's expensive sock yarn that I got for a bit less by buying a Grab Bag of three skeins from Discount Yarn Sale. I liked two of the skeins, but this one was a vapid baby yellow that just didn't do it for me. Beautiful merino sock yarn -- a whole 100gram/400 yard skein. But vapid baby yellow.

Not anymore! Now it is on fire with glowing coral tones. I think I might make a wee shawl with this. It catches the light like nobody's business.

This next is a batch of leftover Patons Classic Wool Merino in winter white. I had three or four partial balls that I strung together and made camo with a bunch of greens and browns. I was mostly experimenting with how wide a range of greens and browns I could get, but I love how it came out. I would do that again, oh yeah.

This one is cool. I started with a little leftover of Patons Classic Wool in that tweedy marl colour. And made it different shades of dark olive. That tweed bit enhances the look. I will do something similar with the ball that's sitting around waiting for a future.

This is a skein of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes worsted. You can buy it undyed in 100 gram/220 yard skeins. I like these because they are already in skein form, ready to dye.

The colourway is similar to the ball of Nova I posted about yesterday, but lighter overall. And with a wider range of blues/greens/teals/purples. The colour soaks into this yarn very quickly.

A whole bunch of possiblilities await these guys. Maybe I will try to do them all in a series, so they can be knit up into something bigger than a pair of socks. I was thinking of getting some of KP's dye your own sock yarn too. Fun Times!

More eye candy:

Yet more eye candy:


Grace Yaskovic said...

really really pretty colors Jayne, I like bright jewel like colors and have few pasatels in my stash, I love what you did!

CatBookMom said...

WOW! You did that? Those are gorgeous!! I am SOOOOO impressed, and I like every single one of them. A lot.

Madge said...

You rock! Your recycled skeins are awesome!

Are you taking orders?

Joan said...

Just beautiful work, Jayne! My head would explode trying to figurea ll that out so hat's off to you and your hard work. It produced brilliant results. No more Elann for you.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

The fun you are having just flows through your posts. Beautiful colors.

Lisa W. said...

i am so impressed! those are stunning! I'm such a slob for variagated yarn but even the tweed overdye was great. With your color sense and all, you could start up your own etsy store! beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Joan said...

Jayne, how do you get your photos to enlarge w/o photobucket or the like?