Sunday, March 04, 2007

And The Total Is:

That's for Jan/Feb 2007

Grace asked about my February yardage, but I've been so busy with the Atacama tee shirt that I have not stopped to calculate it.

Here it is:

To finish Chunky Dorm Socks for Colin: 120yds.
I knit one ball towards a scarf in Sean Sheep (baaa) yarn: 75yds.
The Big Wave Sunshine scarf took: 220 yds.
Ribby progress (100 yd in Jan) February: 350 yds.
Hayley's Glampyre Sweater: 470 yds.
Twinkle Mini Bolero: 475 yds.
Magallanes shawl so far 1.5 balls: 360 yds.
Baby Cashmere shawl so far 1.5 balls: 150 yds.
Sox for Afghanistan (one done before) remaining: 250 yds.

Grand total for February: 2470 yds.

Knit on!!

This is the back of the Atacama tee-shirt/pullover I'm making. Since I'm basically making it up as I go along, I'll post how to do it. I wanted a light, slightly clingy (but not tight) tee to wear as a layer over cotton tee's. I'm knitting on 5mm needles to get a slightly airier fabric. Gauge is 18st=4" on 5mm.

To knit it zuzactly like mine:
Cast on 85 stitches and work SS for 3" starting with knit row and ending with purl row. (curled bottom edge)
Next row: K2, K2tog, work to last four st, and SSK, K2; Work 7 SS rows
Repeat that decrease step ev. 8 rows until 75 st. remain (5 dec's total)
Work until total length from beginning is 13" ending after WS
Cast off 4st at beg next two rows
Then decrease one st at each end of row on next 3 right sides (61 st. remaining)
Continue until armhole is 7"
Then: K19; start a second ball of yarn and c/o 23; K19
Decrease one st. at each side of neck edge at next two RS rows; purl last row and place shoulder sts on holders (17 on each)

If you look at the back of my sweater, it has a rolled bottom edge. It will be about 37" wide at bottom and taper in along the waist and remain tapered to the bust (I'm not big-busted). This gives me a 34" bust. You have the option of no tapering, less tapering, and of tapering back outward again, depending on your own personal beauty.

I will be knitting the front the same way, but will probably shape the neck from about 6" and a few more neck decreases to get a bit more of a scoop at the front.

I'll post sleeves when I get to them.

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Lisa W. said...'re putting on the whatever...and holy cow i love the way that
T is knitting up. The colors are marvelous. Thanks for the deets on shaping too. If it comes out as well at the Kitchen Sink will be smashing on you!

Grace Yaskovic said...

thanks Jayne, i love the idea that if I can't walk miles I can at least knit miles!!!! Your T looks wonderful (I was going to say marvelous darling but Lisa beat me too that choice of words.!