Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Whole Lot Going On Around Here

Where to start...

Doug's work has been a rollercoaster since before Christmas, and while I can't say it is settling out now, at least he is working and getting paid again. He has some very exciting job possibilities coming up. I'll post more on that when I know more. For this month, his contract takes him OUTSIDE the house to work. This is very good news for me. I love my man, but you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all of that.

I mentioned yesterday that Doug has started up a blog. You need to know that he is a programmer guru, and his blog reflects that. If you have a bit of techy-geek in you (or know someone who has), you will probably enjoy his blog. If not, well then probably not. You can visit Doug's blog HERE. He has invented the coolest internet browser that displays inside a dryer. He calls it Dryer Fox. Get it?

I also mentioned that I joined the coolest yarn club ever. Have you ever seen those funky Monster Hat Kits for sale at KPixie? Those are made by Jacey over at Insubordiknit Yarn. Jacey sells beautiful hand spun, hand-dyed yarn and Monster Hat kits over at her online shop. On Sunday, she opened up sales for her first-ever Insubordiknit Yarn Club. Ten spots in the club plus a raffle for the eleventh spot. I wanted one of those spots in the club but figured they would sell out before I could even get to the "Pay" button. Well, they sold out fast alright, but I got in anyway. You can read about the club and the raffle over at her site. She's going to do it again in July. I'll post about my Insubordiknit yarns as they come in. I am so excited, I might pee my pants.

Wren Update!! I have knit the back, the two sleeves, and one front. Today I plan to sew up the left side and sleeve so that I will have some decent progress to show. And hoping that will give me the momentum I need to finish. Wren will be a nice cardi to have, but it is a boring knit. Check back later as I'm planning to add a photo sometime today.

Shop Sale Continues!! This is what is left: two skeins of mohair and several skeins of worsted. 15% off these yarns, or 20% off these yarns if you place an order (sale stock/new stock/custom or combination) of $60.00 or more.

Shop Update:
I've decided that I will post new yarns to the shop on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. The focus for the spring/summer will be on sock yarns and lighter weight yarns like DK and fingering. You can custom order worsted yarns at any time.

I have heard back from two or three people knitting the Mercerized Wool Worsted (currently available in several colours in shop) that it flows through their hands like butter. Very soft yarn with excellent drape. And it takes dye very nicely too. And did I mention that it is machine washable?

New Yarns For Wednesday, April 18:
GREEN TEA (3 skeins available): One of my favorite greens ever! These are super-soft 100% merino Superwash Fingering (32st. on 2-2.5mm). The base yarn has been compared to Dale Baby Ull. 100g/414yds. 21.00/skein

SHORELINE TRAIL (five skeins available): The colours came out amazing on this beautiful luxury yarn (70% merino/20% alpaca/10% silk DK). 100g/250yds. Hand wash. 21.00/skein.

I'll post more yarns on Saturday, April 21.


CatBookMom said...

OMG, you're still at it with the beautiful colors. I'm looking forward to my haul from the sale. No rush, just happy anticipation. My sock yarn from the Little Knits sale just arrived, and ooh, these are going to be so fun.

jayne said...

Hi, I absolutely love the green. I don't know how I will part with it. I'll just have to make some for me.

Did you get Sea Wool? I bought one skein of Sea Wool from LK, but it won't get here for a bit. I bought a skein of Sea Silk from Joan's sale. It came today and took my breath away.

Grace Yaskovic said...

I love the Green Tea---its gorgeous, but I tend to be a green person

I too was tempted by the Sea silk that Joan had but had to behave at that time, although I did blow it at Little Knits

I will check out InsubordinKnits or however its spelled

I finished my wren with its ribbed neckline, its very nice, a little heavy in the Luxe but with the short sleeves its still a good spring sweater, I hope to get the camera back this weekend to take pictures

Lisa W. said...

that green tea is just my cuppa...(get it..crackin self up yet again!) and this incarnation of your shoreline trail looks more blue than the last that just me? beautiful yarns jayne. can't wait to see your finished wren. and glad you get your "space" back for a bit :)