Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Learning Curve Goes Up and Up and Up

News and Announcements for See Jayne Knit Yarns:

The dyeing business is going well. I believe that I have passed my personal trial period of seeing if this is something I enjoy doing enough to pursue it on a regular basis. The reaction I've had from knitters tells me that I am on the right track with the work I'm doing. I have invested in a wonderful variety of yarns to dye, with exciting new packages continuing to arrive at my house. I've ordered Blue-Faced Leicester sock yarn, and I can't wait for it to get here!

As I've learned each new thing I've had to learn, I've made changes to my blog, my shop link, and to my routines. For those of you who follow my doings here closely, you've probably noticed that I'm constantly tweaking things.

And I'm going to tweak some more. These are the changes you might want to know about:

I have opened an Etsy shop. I got it set up yesterday and listed a number of my yarns there. The interest is high, and I have already sold the three skeins of Green Tea Sock Yarn that had been listed here. Ope! There goes the Blood Orange Sock Yarn while I sit here typing. I welcome you to visit my etsy shop and to shop there if you like. You can visit my etsy shop HERE.

I will continue to sell yarn from my blog shop. I will continue to do both as long as it is working out. If one venue turns out to be significantly more convenient/successful than the other in the long run, I may move all my business to that one venue, whether it turns out to be here or at Etsy. It's all a big experiment after all.

I have listed my SALE YARNS over at Etsy at the original prices, except for the two skeins of mohair, which I reduced in price at Etsy. I will reduce the mohair here to match the Etsy price, and if you buy it here from the blog, you can also receive the discount until/unless the mohair sells at Etsy first.

Evicting Ladder Lace:
I have decided that Ladder Lace does not really fit my profile of dyeing all-natural animal fibers. I returned five bags of Ladder Lace to Elann this week. All currently dyed Ladder Lace is now 5.00/skein, and I will be moving it over to Etsy on Monday.

For the Customer Appreciation Event this month, I am offering either four skeins of Ladder Lace (my last four as yet undyed) or One Skein of Sock Yarn from in-stock sock yarn. This month's event ends on May 8. See shop for details.

The prices at Etsy will be the same as here at the blog, but there are a few advantages to you to shop at the blog:

It is easier to deal with custom orders here. That seems to be the majority of my business here at the blog so far anyway.

You get in on Customer-Appreciation draws and contests here only.

I will list yarns at discount prices from time to time here only.

I will list new yarns (if I have any) here first on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Mornings -- in order to give my friends here the first look at them. This is not meant to put pressure on you in any way. After a day or so, I will list the new yarns at Etsy also.

Please feel welcome to browse and shop at either location, or not. I value the blogging relationship more than the sales relationship.

As always, I value your comments and feedback. If I've missed something important, or you have helpful suggestions, please do let me know.

The skein of mohair at the top of the post is Copper Penny
The next photo is of Melons Love Sunshine (four stitch markers and a gift charm)
The third photo is of Just For You gift charms

All three items are new listings here -- and at Etsy. I did this because I have two of each item. On Monday morning I will list some new sock yarns here.


CatBookMom said...

Very big grins here! Right after I do the Luna Moth shawl I'm planning on Sun Ray with the Coral Glow yarn from your first batches.


Very punny - my word is adpajd. Sound it out; tres appropriate for today's post, lol!!

Kim said...

I'm happy to hear your business is going so well!

Jennifer said...

You are doing a wonderful job with your yarns. Makes an 1983 graduate with a BFA/Fibers and Design very proud. I'm glad the art of handspinning, dyeing and Needle art is prospering again. These are art forms that should never disappear. Keep it up....

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in 100% merino sock yarn in cirly camo and shoreline 1 sk each. I'm also interested in the copperberry mohair...about 400 this possible????

Theresa (temergency on etsy)

jayne said...

Hi, Theresa, welcome here!

Absolutely, I can do that for you. Could you email me at:

see jayne knit at shaw dot ca

Thanks very much!

Madge said...

Congrats on opening your etsy store!

Great to hear your business is doing so well. Hope it's fun for years to come. :)