Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sockapalooza 4

I have joined! I have actually joined my first online knitting exchange. Check out the details HERE.

I would like to offer a 15% discount off sock yarn from my shop to participants of Sockapalooza 4. Offer applies to in-stock or custom sock yarn orders, but cannot be combined with other discounts.

I have often teased Karin about all the KAL's and ___Topias and ___Stravaganzas she participates in. But now it is my turn. Okay, I'm going about this in a more conservative manner than she does, but I'm still in.

How did this happen? I was reading Grumperina's blog, and she asked if people had signed up. Signed up for what, I wondered. I hit the link, and was transported to an invitation to join. And it wasn't too late. I'm in! I am quite excited about this, and we haven't even started knitting yet.

I don't think I'll have any trouble coming up with yarn for the project, but now I might have to learn to do something fancy with socks. When I get the information on my pal, I might be back, DPN's in hand, to ask your advice about what pattern to use.

Of course, when I told Doug about it, his first response was to ask me when HIS socks would be finished. "You're going to knit socks for a total stranger before you finish mine, aren't you? You're going to start those socks before you even start my second sock aren't you??" Then he pointed at his lonely right foot.

"J'accuse," the foot muttered.

Maybe I should get that sock knitted up this week -- before I meet my pal. Just to get the ruddy foot off my back.


Emma said...

Hee! I signed up too. I saw everyone working on it last year and was so jealous. I'm excited about this year's swap and looking forward to getting started!

jayne said...

Too right, Emma, I always see people working on things I can't get into. How do they know about them?

You have a good eye for yarns and socks, can't wait to see what you come up with.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Durn, I just found out about it and the sign ups have closed!

Lisa W. said...

hey, drat i looked and it's closed too! crud.

Jennifer said...

I thought about signing up at Alison's (she's a daily read for me) but with the luck I'm having on the socks I'm making with your BCA pink yarn...I folded. Have fun with the knitalong.

CatBookMom said...

Maybe the next round. I haven't done a stitch on Horcrux in several days. Maybe today.

jayne said...

I figured that since we have until Aug 2 or something like that I was safe. I can do them in about a week or so if I put my mind to it. What's left of my mind. Better do them quick before I lose more of it, lol.

Next year, we'll all be in!

Suzann said...

Hahaha maybe you will be knitting socks for me Jayne :-) That would be so cool. I missed out last year, so signed up early this time.
I remember last year no one wanted to knit socks for Grumperina :-P
I just said surprise me. But some people are quite fussy about what they want and don't want.
When I signed up they already had over 700 people. If you really want to get in. Email Alison and tell her you will be a sock angel.

jayne said...

That would be cool, Suzann. Hey, you might knit socks for ME. LOL, of course no one wants to knit socks for Grumpy. Well, if I get her, she will be getting nice, comfortable, PLAIN socks that fit, made with pretty yarn. I wouldn't dare do anything fancy.