Thursday, April 19, 2007

Project Spectrum Eye Candy

Project Spectrum colours for April/May are: Yellow, Pink, and Green

Yellow: A very dear friend dropped in on me yesterday. She brought me this beauty that she had made herself in chef-training. We had to eat it, of course, but it broke my heart to cut it up.

Pink: I went to a favorite wool/yarn store today and could not leave without buying this. It is Rio De La Plata hand spun, kettle dyed Uruguayan wool. I saw it and felt it and saw a vision of a cute winter hat (that I'll have to knit in April or May, of course). And then it stuck to my hands and wouldn't let go, so I had to buy it.

No, I did not dye this one myself, and no, you cannot buy it.

Green: I know, I know, I've posted this photo before. But I love it, and to me, it is an example of the perfect green. I'm not tired of it, so here it is again in all its glory.

Yes, I did hand-dye these, and yes, you can buy them. :) But you'd better hurry up 'cuz I'm starting to waffle.


LibbyKnitKins said...


That is simply shooting below the belt on that pic. Honestly woman, show us a great pic of a cake like that and then we can't even have a slice? What are we gonna do with you? Tell your friend she did an outstanding job on that one and there is someone in Michigan that would really really really like a piece! LOL

That yarn looks great as well.


jayne said...

Hey Libs, does it make you feel better to know that both the cake and the yarn are gone now? :)

You should see some of the food over at the Project Spectrum flicker account!