Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Help, I've Been Sucked Into The Etsy Vortex!!

And I think I might have left my knitting-mojo there.

No kidding, etsy is a fun place to hang out. I have my shop up and running, and things have been going great. Even with serious technical difficulties, I have already made eight sales, and one of those was a custom order. People come and check out your wares, and if they like your shop, they leave you a heart. Gotta admit, it's fun to check and see who "hearts" my shop. But even better is when I follow the link back to the person's other favorites and find all kinds of things I love too.

Yesterday, I did a little shopping...Wanna see what I bought????

Okay, I bought THIS, and THIS, and THIS, and THIS!

Bet you were expecting yarn. Oh, there is a lot of that too, and it is all very tempting, but I'm staying away from it for now. Tooooo dangerous.

I did work on my Butterscotch sock for a bit last night. Doug and I rented The Lost Room. We watched it on the Sci-Fi network when it aired, and we really enjoyed it. So this week we rented the DVD and watched it again. I think it was even better the second time around.

I knit the heel flap, turned the heel, and picked up the instep stitches. That's not bad I guess.

And I did some dyeing yesterday. I've posted two new yarns in the blog shop.

Happy Knitting!!


Madge said...

Etsy IS way fun, isn't it? (I haven't done the hearts thing, but I'll check that out next time I do a little shopping.)

Very cool jewelry!

jayne said...

Hi Madge, yes...I can't wait for it to get here. :)

Lunadog said...

Luuurve the copper berry! I'm hoping to see it in merino sometime (hint hint!). And I finished the shawl today. Amazingly, there's no pooling at all, even at the widest part. It turned out gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

It's blocking on my bed as we speak. I'm hoping it will be dry by bedtime so I've cranked up the dehumidifier. Otherwise it's the couch for me. How did the Shetland Island ladies every get their shawls to dry in perpetual Scotch mist?

jayne said...

Well, it sure looked gorgeous when I saw it, and that was before blocking.

Those shetland ladies had shawls made of cobwebs. They probably dried in an hour, lol. I have a toasty warm furnace room that I hang my skeins to dry in. You know how damp it is around here!?