Saturday, April 28, 2007

Isn't It Ironic?

No pix for this post, but I'm going out for a walk on this beautiful sunny day, and I'll bring a bit of it back to share with you all later.

This is so weird, bizarre, cool, mind-boggling:

Etsy is a big place. People come from all over the world. I have posted that I am from the Vancouver area, and the other day I received an email from a fellow-Canadian. She asked if perhaps my shipping charges to Canada could be reduced because she lived in Port Moody.

I laughed out loud.

"How about free shipping?" I asked her in my reply, "I live in Port Moody too."

Turns out, and you're not going to believe this, but not only does she live in my immediate neighbourhood, our kids are in the same class at school.


We haven't met, but she visited my blog and saw my little smiling face and recognized me from walking my daughter to school.

Amaaaaaaazing but true.

I have one that is even better than that, but I'll save it for another time. :)


Lisa W. said...

"it's a small world after's a small world after's a small world after's a small, small, world..." with appropriate tunefulness!
Imagine the power of all these like minded crafty folks if that energy could be channeled into something like world peace or stopping aids or all that stuff :)

jayne said...

Noooooooo!!!! Not that song!!! NOT that song!!!!! :) :)

Saving the sock at a time...

Joan said...

Wow, that is freaky!

Kemma said...

OK, I'm singing along with the Small World After All song, but I'll start singing the theme from Twilight Zone if you're around Glenayre Elementary, because that's where I went as a kid, and where I'm hoping to take my kids to visit ("oh look, that's where mom did French Immersion back in the Stone Age, also known as the Seventies") and walk around the old stomping grounds when we drive up to BC in the summer.
And here I was thinking "ooh, it's a small world" when I went to etsy this afternoon, and your yarn was the first thing that popped up when I did a search for 'sock yarn', only minutes after visiting your blog (and lurking, and being horrible about not leaving a note, and all that jazz). Heh. It's even smaller than I think.

jayne said...

Kemma, that is hilarious. Glenayre is about five minutes down the road. Our kids went to College Park. College Park is the next-door-neighborhood to Glenayre. Well, if you take your kids to visit your old stomping grounds, drive on up to my house to check out the yarn, lol!

Now I have to know: did you work at the Big-T at lower Lonsdale??? I think you mentioned it a while ago, so now I have to know.

MariHana said...

Jayne, I'm honoured that our weird circumstance made it into your blog! Now, although I usually lurk, rarely post unless I have something really significant or profound to say... I DON'T think CP's where I saw you--my memory doesn't involve your daughter or the school. It's not clear in my muddled 45 year old brain, but I have a fleeting image of you in a toque, walking up to a cashier somewhere (cafeteria maybe?) and paying for something at the till. A younger version of you. Moreover, I think I must have seen you more than once since the image has somehow burned itself (albeit poorly) into my brain. Did you work at Woodward's Oakridge in the early 80's? Maybe you were you at UBC in the 80's or early 90's maybe? I used to do counselling in the Powell Street area--maybe we frequented the same eatery??? Stupid brain, I hate it when all my memories overlap, especially those from before the whole motherhood thing. No matter, I'm going to work on it, 'cuz I'm hellbent on figuring it out before I meet you in person.

jayne said...

Ha! Well, here are a few for you to work on. And yes, I do wear a toque a lot, and yes, everyone seems to remember my face. I have no idea why.

I used to teach at Moody Jr, when it was a Jr, and not a middle school. Could have been westhill pool (though not in a toque). We've lived in PoMo and Coq. and Poco for about 15 years. I've been everywhere...the malls, the restaurants, the inlet (there often in my little toque). The skating rink? The library?? LOL, this will drive you crazy!

Kemma said...

College PARK! My first "beau" went there (I think), before we both ended up at Banting Jr High. Alas, dad was transferred out into the booniest of the boonies for high school, and my Big T Years were actually spent on the Crow's Nest Highway. But yes, I will look you up, you and your delectable yarns, when (if?) I get the kids up to wandering around Balbirnie Blvd in August.

jayne said...

Ha, Kemma, I taught at Moody Jr, and we used to do "prisoner swaps" with Banting. This was the you send us your 3 toughest kids and we'll send you ours (just to calm them down a bit by changing the pond).

Banting was considered a very tough school in those days.

Li_B said...

I had someone comment on my blog that she recognized a sweatshirt my daughter was wearing was from the same school that her kids attended. And we didn't even know we were both in Canada. Knitters attract.