Monday, April 16, 2007

Visual DNA


CatBookMom said...

To get to mine, click on 'see my Visual DNA'; that should give you the full-page with the same thumbnails at the top. Then further up and off to the left a bit, there's a tiny picture of the book. Click on that and the tabs should be readable. We agree on 'gross', and some of your choices were alternatives for me.

Grace Yaskovic said...

i think its neat that we agree on several things!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! I did one, but didn't post it. I left out the gross one, though. Too gross. By the way, I finished one sock!!!!!! I will send you pics which you can use. Hopefully, sock #2 will be done in a few days. I am on the home stretch with it.

jayne said...

CBM, I think it was my browser that was off. It wasn't showing pictures very well anywhere. I'll have another look.

Lots of your choices were second choices for me too, Grace. We agreed on several things.

I was really surprised at how well the text part fit me. These things usually miss pretty badly, but this one is a good profile.

Mmmm...lookin' forward to the sock, Trish.