Friday, April 06, 2007

No Eggs Will Dye Today

I keep passing displays for Easter-Egg dyeing in shops and dollar stores. I think to myself, why would anyone bother with eggs when yarn is so much more fun? Says something about my mind-set, I guess.

Oh yeah, it is Easter weekend. 'Tis the time for egg-dyeing. The little dye pots look so small though. Not enough room for much yarn in there, I find myself thinking.

In any case, Easter egg dyeing is not really a tradition around here. We do like hiding and finding (and then eating) chocolate eggs though.

I allowed my rubber arm to be twisted by assorted elannites last week. was clearing out some you-dye-it-yourself yarns, including ladder lace. I was informed that I MUST dye some ladder lace. Okay, I bought some ladder lace.

And today I dyed some ladder lace. Not eggs. I have to admit that ladder lace can be very pretty. You can knit with it alone to make summery wraps and scarves, or you can use it as a carry-along with any number of other yarns. I have a bunch of this in white, and I'm open to colour suggestions. I did up three skeins in PANSIES 'cuz that's the mood I was in. A little bit of bling drying in the sunshine in my family room makes me smile when I walk by it. I'm definitely going to try Copper Blaze in this stuff.

The three skeins are posted in my shop for 10.00 each. You get 50g/158yds per skein. It knits at aran gauge (18st on 5mm needles) or as a carry along. Custom orders are welcome too.

And, as for this, I call it BLATANT TEMPTATION. It has been made clear to me that I have become a "purveyor of addictive substances."

That's right: I'm a dealer.

Hey, I'm nearly done the back of Wren. Just have a few more inches to go to finish this piece.

Happy Easter Weekend, Everyone!



Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you too, Jayne! I can't keep my eyes off your yarn. The new ladder lace looks spectacular. You really do have a gift with color. kelly

Kim said...

Jayne the ladder lace looks fantastic!

jayne said...

Hi Kim and Kelly (aren't those yarns??), thanks.

Just looking at the Blatant-T pic again, makes me think of synchronized swimmers.

Having scoffed at ladder lace, I'm already thinking of how nice it might be to knit. I'm such an easy mark.

Jennifer said...

The ladder lace is beautiful. Excellent color choice. I've thought about the suggestion of joining the Wren-along... still thinking. I'm not into knitted clothing items other than socks for myself... so I'll have to think about who I would knit it for if I decided to knitalong.

Hoppy! Hoppy! Hoppy!

LibbyKnitKins said...


That is some AWSOME yarn you died (sorry couln't resist) up over there.