Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Treats...and All Good Things: Part I

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be a shameless bid for yet more gifts. Just my way of saying thanks for all the kindness that surrounds me at times.

This is the best coffee mug I have ever owned. It is perfectly smooth on the outside and on the inside and all around the rim. It is the perfect size and shape, big enough for a decent cup of coffee, and just right for cradling in two hands.'s the perfect colour. Check that out: it matches my coffee so well, you almost can't tell where the coffee ends and the mug begins.

The mug came to me in a brown paper package all tied up with strings...these are a few of my favorite things. It came to me as a gift, all gift-wrapped and with a funky card and everything. It came accompanied by coffee, and beautiful glass rain drops to hang in my window and be colorful while I work on dyeing yarn. And, get this, the gift came to me from a lovely woman who buys my yarn. She pays me a lot of her hard-earned money for yarn, and then she sends me a gift. (!!!). I've been drinking my coffee out of this mug and feeling grateful for about a week now.

This was unexpected too. I arranged a swap with a friend. Yarn for me to dye and sell, in exchange for yarn that I am to dye and send back to her. Now don't y'all jump on the bandwagon. This was pretty special yarn we're talking about. So the yarn arrives, and along with it, a batch of KnitPicks Gloss in Pumpkin. A big thanks to two troublemakers who know exactly who they are: Culprit-A, who destashed to Culprit-B, who sent it on to me. Thanks ladies!

Way back, oh what is it now -- Two? Three? months ago when I first started dyeing, I was in the process of selling off some of my stash. When I was packing a box to ship off to one stash-buyer, I chucked in a skein of one of my early hand-dyes as a wee surprise-y for her. A few weeks later, I received a beautiful hand-made thank you card, along with some more amazing hand-made cards for me to use, and this sweet bracelet. All made with loving care by the recipient of my yarn. The bracelet fits perfectly, and I love to wear it.

There have been other things: notes of encouragement, and emails, comments here, and messages through etsy. There are times when I feel bathed in kindness. Thanks to all of you!


HobbyZu said...

I love the yarn in your shop and wish I had seen it before I made my purchases from etsy earlier this week. I'll put a link to your shop and blog on my blog site so I can remember to come back when I have more money! :-) You got some really great gifts there! That mug is really nice! See you around! :-)

Joan said...

It's all about good kharma and you generate lots of it yourself.

Les said...

Nice looking mug! Lucky you!
I'm always in search of a new perfect coffee cup. The handle has to be the perfect size and shape for comfort and I like certain glazes as they all feel different on the lips!! I bought 6 beautiful handmade mugs last year and they are too tall and hold too much coffee so it goes cold too quickly! I'm a picky one!

jayne said...

I think you'd like this one, Les. The glaze is perfect. I didn't realize I could be so picky about a mug until I received one that puts the others to shame.

Thanks, Joan!

hobbyzu, you are welcome any time. I'll be around for a while, so when you've saved your pennies, there will still be nice yarn. :)

Suzann said...

I never realized I was picky about mugs either. Until my dd gave me one for Christmas. I love how it feels. I don't care if it does have Santa on it, I am going to use it forever :)

Anonymous said...

You deserve everything nice which comes your way! I am particular about coffee mugs, also. My favorite one was from (get this) Jacks Daniels Distillery in Tennessee, where I took a tour once. It cracked, but I still keep it.

Madge said...

What great gifties you've received.

Isn't our knitting/blogging/etsying world the best?! C'mon, everybody, group hug! *grin*

g-girl said...

that bracelet you received is so pretty!