Thursday, May 03, 2007

Guess Who Came To Town?

Do you recognize this shawl?

How about now?

Yes that's right! It's Kiri, on her grand tour of North America. She's come for a dye job -- all the way from Alaska, by way of New Jersey.

She's a pretty one already.


Joan said...

Be careful Jayne, it's a possessed shawl. Don't make eye contact. Wave some sage sticks around.

Grace Yaskovic said...

the shawl is not possessed She is a lady through and through!!!!! Have fun with her Jayne be gentle!!

CatBookMom said...

I can see that it's not everyone's color, but the knitting looks wonderful and, knowing your dyeing talents, she will be gorgeous when she's had a makeover.

Madge said...

Possessed?! Eek!

Work that dyepot mojo, Jayne!

Anonymous said...

That top picture looks gorgeous on my monitor. Have you already worked your magic?

jayne said...

Well, there you go, Marta, something for everyone. Nope. That was pre-magic. She was pretty to begin with. All in my family agree that she positively shines now. :)

Wait and see!