Thursday, May 10, 2007

Treasures In The Mail

Look what came in the mail yesterday!

Pretty little package done up in fancy tissue and ribbon:

Oh, yay! It's the notion bags I ordered from Ity-Bity Bags over at Etsy.

The little bags are so cute, and she has so many to choose from. I think these will be perfect for all kinds of things, but I plan to use mine as knitting notions bags. And as gifts. If I can part with any of them.

The bags are well made. Each one is lined in a different fabric than the outside fabric. The appliques are super cute. Not only did she package them up really nicely, but she included a bunch of bonus-gifties in my order. Hayley immediately claimed the stickers and the pretty beaded necklace.

I visited the Ity-Bity Bags shop today to thank the seller for such a lovely product. Then I beetled over to her shop to snag three more pouches. Have a look for yourself. The shop is ItyBityBags.


Joan said...

Makes me want to dust off my sewing machine. You don't sew Jayne? (hard to believe) Your bags are really cute.

jayne said...

Hi Joan, I did sew. I have a machine, but I think I burned out on it a long time ago. I used to sew most of my clothes, about twenty years ago and more. Then I went through a big spate of sewing wedding dresses and bridesmaids and all that. And then I lost all interest.

I make repairs basically. Very happy to have someone else sew for me now. :)

Joan said...

I KNEW you had to be a sewer, with all your many other crafty talents.
;-) I got a computerized sewing machine for Christmas and haven't even plugged it in yet. Sad.

jayne said...

Whoa...if I had one of those fancy new machines, I might get back into it.

My machine is an old (but still loveable and efficient) Elna that belonged to my Grandmother in the 1940's. It was their top-of-the-line machine back then, and it's still holding its value.

Gothic Nude said...

Thanks Jayne for posting my Ity-Bity Bags on your blog! I will forever be thankful!-Lisa

jayne said...

gothic nude (lol!!), you are so very welcome! I post what I like, and I like your bags.

Happy sewing!

g-girl said...

those bags are so cute!!!