Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Become a Bead Stalker

There's this great little shop at etsy called rufusandroxy. The artist makes the most beautiful lampwork glass beads, and her shop is very popular. Every day she lists new beads, and they get snapped up but quick. It's a bit like elann on a Monday morning. I am usually late to the party, but I still manage to snag amazing beads. I have gotten into the habit of checking out that shop every day. I have to see what's new and what has sold. I've ordered beads several times, so I think I may be a bit addicted to this shop and those glorious beads.

Besides the high level of craftsmanship and professional and friendly customer service, I think what attracts me to the shop and the beads is that so many of them are in the colours that I love to dye on yarn. If you ever buy yarn from me, and you want to find just the right beads to go with, head on over to RufusandRoxy (named for the owner's two cats). Oh...and check out the little beauties I snatched up super quick, before anyone else could get their mitts on 'em: HERE.

I bought my first yarn from etsy yesterday. Well, technically it was my second yarn purchase since I bought some undyed yarn for my business last week. But I think that yarn doesn't count. As nice as it is, it is business supply. Yesterday, I bought my first yarn for my own knitting pleasure. It's a gorgeous skein of hand-spun/hand-dyed with teeny little heart beads just sprinkled all through it. I wish I had it in my hot little hands already, but here's a pic so you can see why I was in such a hurry to grab it the day it was listed: YUMMO!

Oh, and Amy QOY, if you're reading this post, just pretend you didn't see no beads or no stinkin' yarn, cuz I'm sure you WON'T be interested. LOL!

I've made terrific progress on the Sunray, and I will post photos and report on that other blog tomorrow. If I can get over my intimidation. I mean, shit! Every time I pop in there for a glance, I see like TEN THOUSAND new finished shawls all boasting all over the place.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll have a hat to post tomorrow. An actual finished item.


Kim said...

Very pretty. What will you do with the beads?

Suzann said...

Thank you, Miss Enabler :-}
Beautiful beads, and I will make sure my daughter never sees this site.
I just got some wonderful soap and lip balm from Etsy.
Your a dangerous woman Jayne

Joan said...

I stopped my Luna shawl so I can work on the entrelac so you will definitely finish before me. In fact, I'll wait til you finish yours before I pick mine up again.

jayne said...

I'll post about the beads later, Kim and include some pix. I plan to make earrings, necklaces...gifties...

Ha! Suzann, haven't you figured out yet that by feeding everyone else's addictions, I feel a lot better about my OWN?? ROFL.

That is very kind, Joan, but if you do finish before me...sigh...go ahead and post. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, love that handspun! Any plans for it yet?? Can't wait to see what it becomes.

Amy QOY said...

That yarn you bought is heartbreakingly fabulous. And you knew how covetous I would be in that color. What will it grow up to be?

Amanda said...

Awwww. too cool..I have never been written about..thanks so much for the plug and for being such a fun customer.


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I love thos beads you snagged, the colors are so out there vibrant. Lucky you!