Wednesday, May 09, 2007

God's Gift to Peahens

Thank you very much for your kind comments on my last post.

Do any of you remember playing Trivial Pursuit? My friends and I used to play quite a lot of it in the mid-80's when it had just come out and was so popular. I can be a bit of a dolt, and one time playing the game, I got the question:

What does a Peacock mate with?

I don't know. I was a bit stunned at the question. "You mean...what parts??" I asked. My friends have NEVER let me forget it. I'm pretty sure it came up at my wedding too.

A potential Etsy client emailed me a beautiful photograph of a close-up shot of a peacock's tail feather. She asked if I could do something with the teals, greens, blues and super deep blue-purple colour of that dark circle in the feather. I think I've come pretty close here.

The yarn is still damp in these photos, and it hasn't been re-skeined yet. The yarn is my fab Trekking sock yarn from the UK. Very nice to dye and to work with. I can already understand why that yarn is so popular.

I've also done up some skeins in this colorway in the luxury merino/alpaca/silk DK. They are rinsing now, and look great.

I need some name suggestions. I've been enjoying unusual, funky or tongue-in-cheek yarn names. I could call it:

Strut Your Stuff
Peahen's Delight

or....??? Suggestions are always welcome.


Shannah said...


Sorry that's the best I could do.... I like your names.

Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day. And you do, indeed, have some beautiful yarns.... hmmmmmmmm.....


You did wonderful writing on the previous entry about depression and thereapists and bad things that happen. Thank you.

Les said...

Oh, ya, I like Peasocks for the trekking!

Joan said...

Very beautiful, Jayne! Coincidentally, I have an old Trivia Pursuit game going into my garage sale Saturday. Never played it.

Joan said...

BTW don't like "peasocks" as a name particularly. It's the pee part. Not that peacock is a great word to begin with. LOL.

jayne said...

Ok, the name that is sticking in my head now is:

Austin Peacock

(yeah, baby!)

Kim said...

Jayne that yarn is so beautiful.