Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mmm...Eye Candy

Meet: Strawberry Pocky (you know biscuits 'n strawberry frosting?). Yummo!

Rusty Nail: soft enough to step on.

Sorry to be cryptic, but not going to comment on this. Those of you in the know, know where to look for all the details.

And...(much jumping up and down with glee), my package from the UK came today. Uber-quickly, since I expected it to take WEEKS, and it took DAYS. Guess what was in the package??? Nope! Not toilet paper. Fifteen skeins of beautiful undyed Trekking Sock Yarn. Yup!! Can't wait to play around with some of that.


Grace Yaskovic said...

Thomas would love to know your source for BFL sock yarn??? If you care to tell, we still don't have Etsy up and running now he is thinking maybe just craft fairs in the fall, I don't know I just ooh and ahhhhh and keep knitting

benne said...

What! You don't order your toilet paper from the UK???

Terri said...

Wow! First I found your etsy shop, then I clicked the link to your blog... *sigh* I love your yarns.. they are superbly beautiful! So much so that I wish I were rich! :)

Lisa W. said...

mmmm ..lovely lovely lovely...and i like pocky's a lot :) nice sunny sunray....whistling softly...daadaadaa daadaadum..
go jayne go!

Rachel said...

I love the eye candy. I have never tried knitting before, but love to see the finished products. By the way you've been tagged. Check out my blog to see the rules. http://3sistersbeads.blogspot.com/

K. Anne said...

OOoh! I love the lace.