Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mailbox is my Friend

Bleahhhhhhhgghhh...Mother's Day...Bleahhhhhggghhhhh!!!

It's over, and look who showed up in the mail today to help me celebrate that fact: It's my MONSTER Hat Kit. Yippeee!!!

Jacey, over at spins up these amazing skeins of hand-painted yarn. she hand-felts the little monster patches and kits it up with a funky label and instructions for two versions of the hat. She has a whole lotta the little suckers that have sold in the past. Every monster face is a mini work of art.

I got my hat kit in a trade. Jacey got two skeins of handpainted sock yarn from me, and I got this funky kit. There are definite perks to this job.

These hand-made pewter beads showed up in the mail too. I ordered them from MamacitaBeads at etsy. I love all of them, but especially the tiny church pendant.

Thanks for all the great suggestions for sock patterns for my sock-pal's socks. I decided to go with this book by Charlotte Schurch. I've heard so many good things about it, and I had a look at the pix online and was sold right away. I haven't decided on a pattern yet, but there are several that are in the running.

A great deal of mail goes out and comes in around here. I buy up a lot of yarn for dyeing, and it shows up in box after box after box. It goes out again in smaller boxes and bubble mailers. Every now and then, I throw something for myself into the order. Like this Sea Wool by Fleece Artist. The colorway is Rainforest, and it is a delight for the senses.


LibbyKnitKins said...


What a fun hat kit!!! ARe you gonna wear it on Halloween?

I have that sock book and its completely awesome. I'm sure that you will get lots of socks out of that one.


Suzann said...

Jayne, love the hat.
Check the publisher for errors. I remember there were some when the book was first issued. Not sure if they were corrected in later editions.

Les said...

That little church pendant IS neat! Have fun with the hat and socks! What's the Sea wool to become? Very pretty, rich colours!

Madge said...

Oooh, your mailperson has been very, very good to you lately!

Yer monster hat? ADORE. Also that Sea Wool. Yum.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

That sock book is inspiring. Even though I don't follow her patterns I have used the stitch patterns quite often. And like to read her technical explanations.

Lisa W. said...

I like that socks book too and have done a couple pairs from it! Cute monster hat...hmmmm...wonder if some of the monsters around here would like one...hmmm....thanks for the link to the pewter button etsy store (NOT!) I collect little goddess beads and stuff like that (goes along with the midwife thing) so finding a new (ok, i did a search from there)errr..several new sources for little goddess jewelry/beads etc. was very exciting! my poor credit card...sigh!
hey, the goddess is smiling on me, i got an EASY word verification!

Joan said...

love that book, what socks do you plan to do?

Goce said...

great yarn! I like it!