Saturday, June 02, 2007

Treats and All Good Things: Part II

I thought I'd fill this post with all sorts of eye candy that has been bringing me great pleasure this week. I know I have been quiet lately, quiet with blogging, with visiting blogs, with emails and the like. In case you are worried that I have been working my ass off, I haven't. Last weekend, sales were brisk, but I got them out into the mail on Monday, and things have been quieter since.

This little lovely is the clematis that is blooming in my neglected back yard this week. I love that it blooms without my help. When I saw it a few days ago, I knew I had to try to capture those colours in a yarn. See!

Daisy's perky little face always brings joy to my heart.

These are my RufusandRoxy beads I blogged about last week. I love them. I have become quite a collector of her beads. These are the ones I've ordered over the last month. I plan to make earrings, necklaces, gifts for me and for others. If I can part with them.

This is a big batch I ordered on a special deal. She has a lot of orphan beads, and she sold me a big handful. I want to use them as promos for special yarn orders, deals and sales. Haven't quite worked it out yet (or if I can part with them). Some would make lovely, and very special, stitch markers. Others match my yarns so well that I'm thinking chokers. If you simply must have some of these beads for yourself, then you can shop HERE.

And then there is the yarny eye candy that has come in this past week. On the left is Heartache, that amazing handspun with the teeny heart beads that I blogged about a while back. In the middle, Pink Zebra. This is a yarn I traded for with SunnysideEllen. And on the right is the first installment of my Insubordiknit Yarn Club yarn. Jacey is such a goddess with the handspun, and she has a funky blog too.

This stuff is just too cool. It is soft and cuddly, and the most unusual and fun yarn. The colour here looks a bit more brown than it is. The true colour is more olive. And yes, it has these cool fluffs of worn denim, and those squishy lime green worm-like things running through it. The yarn is called Scrapworm, spun with merino, silk noils, and denim fluff.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am a genuine hermit. A recluse. Anti-social...with lapses. The last two weeks have involved more socializing than I normally do in months. It was all good, just a whole lot more than I normally do in such a compressed time frame. I met Rabbitch; I got together with a friend for half a day; I even took my mom out for lunch. Doug and I went out to watch a movie with a couple we know and love. Church. A whole lotta emails. And errands, errands, errands. Trips to the therapist, the doctor, the pharmacy. Colin's award night at school, and no, I will not be putting a bumper sticker on my car about my son, the honor roll student (with distinction).

I think I might just curl up in my shell and not come out for a week.


Madge said...

Have fun hiding out with all your goodies. That Scrapworm makes me giggle. :D

Congrats to DS for being such a great student!

Gaile said...

I totally get the hermit part. My home is my haven. I haven't ventured out to meet any of the knitters I've met online yet. Although I did go to see the Yarn Harlot, and there was a lot of local blogging knitters at that event. But you don't get a chance to actually meet, other than when we were standing in line for the book signing.

jayne said...

Did you get to hold "the sock" gaile?

I used to have very people-intense jobs (bank teller, teacher, church work, etc. etc.), and I love people...well lots of them anyway, but I seem to have used up most of my capacity to be around them very much.

I get tired fast. I like my real life friends a lot, and fortunately they seem to get this about me.

I love having a job where I can work from home.

g-girl said...

the beads are gorgeous! You're definitely bad for my wallet. I really like that pink zebra colorway! Oh, and your clematis yarn (that's what I call it anyway) is so pretty! I get the hermit part too.

Reasoning E'Bert said...

Awe darn. I was looking at that lovely skein of Clematis on Etsy a couple of hours ago. Now, once I've made up my mind I want to buy it, it's sold.

I hope whoever bought it enjoys it.

I like your blog and I adore your colour choices for your yarn.

jayne said...

Thanks very much, reasoning e'bert!

Very kind of you.

I enjoyed dyeing that Clematis, and BOTH listings flew away so fast. I guess I'll have to do some more.

I love the name of your blog :)

Reasoning E'Bert said...

Thanks for the note you left on my blog. Your advice is much appreciated.

If you make some more, feel free to give me a heads up. They looked absolutely stunning.

jayne said...

Thanks, reasoning, I will do that.

I'll check back at your blog to see what you decide about etsy.

ebbandflo said...

hermit here too! visitors for the last two weeks have made me run for cover now they have gone. only just started reading blogs again!!!!