Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and Whazzat??

The Good:
There have been some new visitors and some really interesting comments here lately. Check out the comments on the post called: Isn't It Ironic.

Amazing Handmaiden Sea Silk yarn I bought from Joan a while back. I keep it close by so I can see its loveliness and pet it from time to time.

Amazing Handmaiden Sea Silk yarn poses next to a yarn I dyed this past week. It is Misti Alpaca Baby Alpaca Lace Weight. I bought it in off-white and must have had these colours on my mind, 'cuz look what happened!

The Bad:
My teeth are breaking, and I need a bunch (more) dental work.

Maybe the Canucks won't make it to the next round. But this headline made me think of Benne (which is good). I wonder why...

It rained and was pissy and wintery all day today. Can you see the rain? Can you see the wilted Canucks flag on our car?

The Funny:

Benne thought this was toilet paper:

Loud laughter over here when I read that comment.

And Now For Something Completely Different:
I'm not going to give any hints. This is the coolest thing ever. You'll just have to go see for yourself.


Suzann said...

Toilet paper LOLOLOL
I need one of those, maybe it could withstand the cat claws.
mmmmmmm yummy yarn.
Yesterday is was 89 here, today it is 58. It's knitting weather :-}

Kim said...

I initially thought toilet paper too. The yarn looks great! As for that link - that must be for people with more money than good sense. Our weather has been weird too but it needs to change back to summer!

CatBookMom said...

ROFL! That sofa reminds me of some old commercial that showed everything being totally frozen, and guests sitting on a frozen sofa. About the temps? As I write, it's 69F in the house; this time of year, I have to open the windows to warm up. But the good insulation really helps come July!

Anonymous said...

Jayne, I love the comparative picture of the Sea Silk and your yarn, but I like your yarn colors much better. Lovely!

jayne said...

Trish, you are always so good to me.

The Sea Silk has a really glossy sheen to it, where the alpaca is more matte. I like Matte generally, but you should feel the Sea Silk.

benne said...

What can I say? I have no defense, Just plead the mindset of one of one who just tangled with a nasty bug of the toilet paper comsuming kind. ;-}

Jayne, your yarn is just beautiful, the blending of the colors is gorgeous. I love the Sea Silk, it is something special. But so is your yarn.

Sorry about the tooth trouble. There's nothing good about it except when it's all over and fixed. Good Luck with that.

The Ducks ARE amok, all 21 of them. It's wild around here.

I've ordered the sofa. It should be here USPS Priority in a couple of days. HA!

Madge said...

The Good: Pretty colors you have there, my dear! Great minds....

The Bad: Dental work. Ugh.

But I'm rooting for the Ducks (and the Sharks - that last Sharks game was a hoot), so we'll revisit this after tonight. *grin*

Joan said...

Jayne, the new IWK has a scarf pattern for 1 hank of Sea Silk.

TracyKM said...

Thanks for the info on the toilet paper yarn ;) With the way we've been feeling this week, that would have made wonderful TP, LOL.
Your yarn is gorgeous!