Tuesday, October 03, 2006

You Know You're Having a Bad Day When...

Your 13-year-old son wakes you up at five o-clock in the morning because he's had a disturbing dream. So you let him stay for a while and have a cozy chat about this and that until, oh, 5:30 in the morning. And then try to grab another hour of sleep.

When you do manage to drag your ass out of bed about an hour later, you discover there is no coffee. None. All gone. The siren song of the mermaid from you-know-where seems haunting and far away.

Your 9-year-old daughter rolls out at 8:00, mad at you because you did not wake her up ten minutes earlier. You sit hunched in a miserable coffee-less stupor while she chatters on and on about this and that. Didn't I already have this chat at 5:30, you ask yourself. A monastery seems appealing. Trying to get through the time between now and when she leaves for school (so you can go OUT for coffee), you knit a few rows on a scarf until SPLASH. A whole cup of orange juice all over the floor. All over the table. All over the kitchen. Even now after much cleaning, you still find sticky bits on the floor that you must have missed.

On the other hand, it is a beautiful day out, and this is finished.

I used eight balls of Elann's Baby Cashmere and knitted double stranded. I used 6 1/2mm needles and followed the pattern for medium in order to get small (because my guage did not quite match). A few people pointed out to me that I was in error when I said that Baby Cashmere is sport weight. It is fingering weight. I tend to get a bit muddled when things thin out like that. But it does make sense. For fingering, you get quite a nice fabric with it doubled though. I think Baby Cashmere has become my favorite of all of Elann's house yarns.

The ribbed sections on the body and sleeves give the fabric a nice spongy texture. This yarn is delightful on bare skin. I really can't keep my hands off it. I think I might just carry this little sweater around like Linus with his security blanket.

Bathroom shot so you could see it on. Sorry about Headless-Fred, but my fashion photographer is out on location.

I really liked working with this Blue Sky pattern. I made my first top exactly to specs, but I have plans to play around with variations on a theme.

What else is going on? I'm working on a funky scarf in two kinds of Noro. The main green is Cash Iroha. That is one fun yarn. It manages to be rustic and luxurious at the same time. The yarn feels felted. It goes thick and thin, sometimes dramatically, and it feels lovely in the hands. I found a ball of Kureyon that goes with, so working out a fibonacci sequence at either end, with softer Cash Iroha in the middle for my neck.

Mmm...looks like that scarf has found a friend.

I'm also working on my Mondial Kross Merino jacket. For all you merino fans, this Kross is lovely. A soft thick rope of merino, knitting up bulky (12/13 to four inches on 7mm). Love the pattern, but the model with her Botox lips scares me. Don't try that at home, girls.

Feeling better about my day already. Time to go outside.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful knitting and color, Jayne! Boy, you're a mach-speed-knitter -- how long did that project take you -- 3-4 days?
Dare I say I'm not surprised that you like Elann's Baby Cashmere?

Could you please tell me where you bought that Blue Sky pattern ? I've checked all the usual web places-- with no luck -- Was it at your LYS? Could you get a copy for me ?

Trish BCG

PS You can always call me early in the morning, I wake up at 5am to exercise and have some private time without the kids

Anonymous said...

Your cardi turned out beautifully!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

That blue is lovely and the sweater looks great.

Karin said...

Jayne, it's lovely! I have a mega-stash of elann baby silk, an ebay score, I wonder how it would work up in this pattern? I love the Blue Sky line, yarn and patterns and Kpixie sure has a great selection - wish they'd add paypal - easier to hide yarn buying from the Hubby :)!