Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

I got birthday money from my dear-in-laws, bless their hearts. Went off to Urban Yarns yesterday and bought:

Cheeky t-shirt

New yarn to go with Debbie Bliss Patterns. It is Gedifra English Tweed, an aran-weight merino and angora blend.

And new needles, Lantern Moons, no less. They are amaaaaazing. A dear Elann-chat buddy sent me a delightful surprise, a gift certificate so that I could go out and buy some LM's. I've been coveting a set. The 5mmm ones are from her, and of course they are already in use. The 6mm's are from my in-laws.


Vamanta said...

Happy birthday, Jayne! You done good with your BD loot. The shirt is a total riot!
Happy Day!

jayne said...

I love knitting loot! The owner at UY was wearing one of those t-shirts when I was in the store. I laughed so hard, and then I had to have one.