Thursday, October 12, 2006

HUGe Relief

HUGe is done! Yippee-ki-yay!!

Elannites have been posting progress, and one woman who shall remain nameless, finished and then taunted the rest of us with "tic tic tic." Fine. I decided to get going. Hauled out all my supplies. Sorted out the HUGe mess they had become. Felt overwhelmed at the variety and where to start, and finally dug in. Today, I needed a quiet day at home, so I worked away at my projects until lo, they were done. I made ten sets of one thing and then ten sets of another. They look great!! See them all sitting there all pretty on my kitchen table? You can't see them? Why not?

Because I CAN'T post a picture. Can't describe them. Can't show. Can't tell. I'll make a deal though. Will photograph them tomorrow before heaving them eastward. After the spoiler alert period is over, I'll show y'all what I done made.

I knit out in public at Red Robin today. Doug goes out of town tomorrow, so we all went out for hamburgers today. Didn't do much knitting today because of HUGe. But it's done, it's done, oh happy dance!! What was I saying? Oh yeah, knitting...I'm working on the left front now of the side-to-side cardi. It's cool that it's all done in one piece. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

I'm waiting impatiently for some yarn I ordered weeks (and weeks) ago. Webs is being slow. Little Knits is being slow. Elann boxes show up in two days -- what's everyone else's problem?! Been waiting for my O-Wool from Vermont Organic Fiber Co. I want to see it. I want to feel it. Webs keeps tempting me with all sorts of emails about new yarns and new sales, but if they really want me to buy something, they should hurry up and SEND what I've already ordered.

Quiz question: The game is called "Two truths and a Lie." You have to decide which of the following statements is the lie.

1. I love to eat chicken hearts.
2. I love to eat gummy bears.
3. I've never smoked a cigar.


junior_goddess said...

I'll guess you have smoked a cigar!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you eat gummy bears while smoking a cigar! I just can't envision the other.

Anonymous said...

I think the first one is not true. SK

Grace Yaskovic said...

i agree its the first one thats the lie

My box with the debbie bliss from little knits came very quickly---Webs can be slow I have canceled orders from them for that reason

I need to order Pamir I need to order Pamir

Nameless said...

I'm not DONE!!?!!

I may have said "Tic", but I really meant "Dick"...'cause that's how much I got done this week on my HUGe project. I put the post out there to make MYSELF nervous, not all of you!@!?!

Lisa W. said...

i'm betting you don't eat chicken hearts.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

You are lying about the cigar.

T said...

I can totally see you smoking a cigar. I'll bet you are just trying to get us all confused, and that you do like chicken hearts and don't like Gummy bears, because I would expect that most people Wouldn't like chicken hearts and Would like gummy bears...I could be wrong... but if I am right, let me know - I have interesting chicken-heart ingestion stories from my years with the Spanish nuns...