Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The rest of yesterday went a lot better. I met my mom for lunch, and we had a nice time. We went to a Japanese restaurant, and she gave me a butternut squash from her garden and some birthday goodies. Chocolates and a knitting book...who could complain? I saw my dad for a few minutes at the end of the visit. He has become a lot quieter in the last two years. I can't say I get excited about seeing my parents. I'm not looking for anything particular from them. But I've discovered that each time I do one of these get-togethers, I feel less scared of them -- of both the visits and of my parents. I come away with a stronger feeling of who I am in relation to them.

On the way home I stopped in to the VV Boutique. Valu-Village is a thrift store. I used to be snobby about such things until I discovered how much fun it is to shop the deals. H needed some duds to complete her hippy look for Hallowe'en.

Find of finds...eleven pairs of knitting needles in excellent condition for 99 cents a pair. I bought up a big handful for the Wednesday yarn girls. Many of them are just beginning to knit, with few supplies to call their own. I found a lot of useful sizes in the worsted/aran range and a set of DPN's

Spent most of my free time yesterday working over two of my contest pieces. They are starting to look good again. And then I knocked off to finish this fingerless mitt. I like this pattern. It's simple, comfy, and close-fitting. You can find the free pattern here:

I mostly followed her instructions, but worked a few extra increases at the thumb gusset (15 st. instead of 11), and cast on a few extra stitches over the thumb hole. She says two; I did five. I also worked my rib in K1 P1 instead of K2P2 as she does.

I can do the Spock salute with both hands. Ain't I geeky?


CatBookMom said...

Aeros? You got Aeros for 99c Canadian? Those are good needles; I have some from the 70s, when they were the best I could afford, much better than the aluminum ones. OK, it was the picture of your DD in hippie gear.

Glad your lunch went well, and now I have to zip over to Wendy Knits! to pick up yet another pattern for mitts.

jayne said...

Hi CBM, little blast from the past eh?

Yup Aeros. I have a bunch too -- I like them fine for all sorts of things, but mostly prefer bamboo now. A kick-ass deal, I thought.

Anonymous said...

I am envy that you can get stright needles for 99 cents. I paid my size 13 plastic needles over 8 dollars from Elann when canadian exchange was 1.68. My friend is getting me entire set of dp exchangable plus all extras parts from knit pick as a Xmas present. I am looking forward to have it. Never enough needles, I have over a dozen of needles on the ufo. I really should free my needles by finishing up my UFO.
I am glad that your meeting with your parents are smooth. Jayne, we can't forget the past, but we can forgive. Yes, it is easy for me to say than do. Wish you all the best. SK

jayne said...

Hi SK, lucky you getting those KP needles. I've seen Sooz's and they are wonderful. The great things people have been saying about them are true.

I'm glad to have the extra needles for the Wednesday night knitters. They often need new sizes of needles and haven't yet bought them. Now we have extras to share around.

I try to keep my needles out of my UFO's by using stitch holders, but they still end up trapped in there.

junior_goddess said...

Good going on the needles!

The hippie chick has the correct groove on. Isn't that sad when we can correctly comment on vintage (meaning "stuff we used to wear") clothes