Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Never Done

Here's a 2Truths and a Lie question that is so easy. [How easy is it?] It is so easy, that I'm giving everyone a point. Even people who don't read my blog are getting a point. Ready?

My favorite ways to wake up in the morning:

1. I don't like to wake up
2. If I have to wake up, let it be gently, by the sound of rolling surf
3. By my daughter flipping the light on in my eyes in the middle of a dead sleep and shrieking hysterically that her father is an idiot!

Our dear MS. H went off to bed last night with a sore belbow, so her darling father gave her an ice-pack to help soothe her way into slumber. She woke up early this morning and discovered to her great horror that her quilt, her sheets, her pajamas -- and her favorite cuddly item given to her when she had the chicken pox at four years old -- were soaked with sticky red juice. The man had given her a bag of frozen mixed berries for her ice pack, and no, he did not move the original (perforated) store packaging into a zip-lock bag. I'm not even going to unpack that one. I'll just leave it to your imagination.

Bunny enjoyed her trip through the washing machine, despite H's great fears that something terrible would happen. Her white parts have not looked this white in a long time, and she is still soft and fluffy. She's going to nap and dry in front of the fire today. Everything else was permanently stained, but fortunately not Bunny

Here's another 2Truths question that everyone gets a point for not having to answer:

Things I enjoy listening to:

1. The sound of the rain on the roof
2. The sound of a wood-burning fire
3. The sound of my son's voice dictating hockey statistics at me.

He is a hockey fan. I am not. No...that is putting it too mildly. He is hockey-OCD. I will watch the final game of the Stanley Cup IF we are playing in it.

This is the score board he installed on the outside of his room door. He made this himself. He changes the logos to show who is playing in the game that day. Every time a team scores, he opens his door and changes the score. Nobody in our family pays attention to the games except for him, so we're not sure for whose benefit he's posting the scores.

And people wonder why I buy yarn...

My Little Knits package finally arrived -- over a month after I ordered it. It was not Little Knits' fault -- they sent the package the day after I ordered it, and it arrived in Canada a day after that. And then it disappeared for a month. Little Knits kindly set about tracking it for me after I contacted them a few days ago, but it arrived today by itself. Didn't seem the least bit apologetic for partying on, staying out for weeks at a time and making me worry.

Look at all that splendiferous DB merino. It really is lovely lovely lovely. DK in three great colours (green, a light blue, and dark dark brown). Ten balls of merino chunky in a dark eggplant purple. This stuff sold for a song. Whole bags for 25 dollars. I guess I can forgive it for being a little late.

Two more joys await me now: I get to put one of my essays throught the editing process (and turn it into shit), and I get to have lunch with my mom. That one could go either way. I'll let you know.


Cindy G said...

Bunny looks lovely, and oh my word, $25 a bag on the Debbie Bliss... I don't envy you your day, but my covetous little heart envies that yarn score.

Laurie said...

I don't like to wake up either. . .but here is how I wake up every morning. . .I am completely deaf when I sleep until I put my CI on. . .(try watching TV on mute and that is what it is like). . .and then the FIRST sound I hear when I turn my CI on is my daughter's alarm clock BLARING from the next room!

Your yarn looks beautiful!

Karin said...

Wow! That is a bit late. The DB merino chunky is the one I ran out and bought the day you blogged it. I love LittleKnits but had missed that gem :). Mine arrived a couple weeks ago (the chocolate chunky and lilac taupe dk). Can't wait to tie into it!

jayne said...

Hi Cindy, it was a good deal. Apparently they have good sales often, and the owner is very nice.

Hi Laurie, I've heard such good things about that CI device. What a great invention. Wouldn't it be great if you could program it to select out certain noises (like the blaring alarm clock).

Mmm...Karin, I liked the look of that lilac taupe. And chocolate is always a fave, edible or yarn types. Glad you got in on the sale.