Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Remember this morning with the 5:00 am rude awakening, the no coffee, the spilled orange juice?

Well, I never did get my coffee, but managed to get a bunch of things done around the house. I'm doing a huge computer files reorganization so that I can get my work together for the writing contest. I tend to stash files in my computer the way some people stash yarn around their house. The hard drive was a huge mess with about four years worth of everything from off the top of my head free-writing exercises to highly polished and finished work, some from courses I've taken. My yarn was in way better shape than my computer, but both are looking good now.

This afternoon, I finally made it outside for a walk and on the way home remembered to pick up coffee for tomorrow. I ordered two bags and stood around waiting for it to be ground for my french press. I anticipated a nice afternoon cuppa when I got home. Something to go along with the cannoli I bought at the Italian deli. To my surprise, it was free-drink-with-coffee-purchase-day. Even better. How about a nice pumpkin pie flavored latte? When my coffee beans were ready, I went to collect my drink and had to laugh out loud. It came in a size that I never order. Doug calls it Venti and gets it all the time. I call it Piggy.

I have coffee now!

BTW Trish (BCG) asked where to get that Blue Sky Alpaca pattern for the cropped cardi. I buy all sorts of wonderful patterns, including Blue Sky patterns, at KPixie. The link is on the side-bar. No trouble getting their stuff in Canada, and they have a great selection of Karabella and Blue Sky patterns, among others. They also have beautiful yarn. I keep an eye on their sales.

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