Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Right Back At'cha Joan

Joan (Vamanta Knits in side bar) has been posting beautiful pix of Vermont autumn leaves and colours. Yes, I want to go to Vermont and see these things for myself. I thought that I'd bring you a bit of that true-blue sky I posted about yesterday.

The trees are staying green a lot later this year because of the extra long summer we've had.

Not that we get a dramatic autumn around here, but there will be more colour in just a few weeks.

I want to say thank you to all of you who left encouraging comments to yesterday's post. I have to admit it's a bit like finding little chocolate easter eggs hidden around the house. I especially want to thank SK for her Husband's account of the gift of a hat. That story is a treasure, and I encourage you to look for it in yesterday's comments.

Several years ago, Doug and I went downtown to eat at our favorite Thai restaurant and to go to a movie. We always pass many homeless people downtown, and they generally ask for money. That night, when we were done eating, we had the restaurant pack up the extra food from off the serving dishes along with napkins and a fork. We were a bit nervous about offering leftovers to a stranger, but we walked up the road to the movie theatre hoping we would know what to do. We passed a few people and then walked close by a man sitting alone witih his back to a wall. "Do you have any food?" He asked. I smiled and asked him if he liked Thai food. He smiled back. I handed him the bag. He thanked us very politely. Further along, I stole a quick glance back and saw that he had spread the napkin neatly on his lap and looked like he was enjoying his meal. I felt so happy, and I was surprised by the dignity he had shown. That moment was a moment of grace for all three of us. Next time I go to see my therapist, I'm bringing a hat. Just in case.

A few people have asked me what's up with my therapist and the knitting thing. Do I sense knitters getting their ire up and wanting to defend one of their own? Poor D. She is a wise and very loving woman. I see her because she is sharp enough not to let me get away with any bullshit. I can usually pull the wool over people's eyes (ha!) but not hers. Anyway, she is not against knitting -- thinks it's grand -- especially when I make something for her. BUT she also knows that I have a tendency to use different things -- like sleeping and, yes, knitting -- to shut myself down to other things that need to be a part of my life -- like eating and getting exercise and, yes, paying attention to what's going on inside. So a few weeks ago when I went to see her, and I fell apart rather dramatically because I hadn't been doing those other things, she suggested "no more knitting." I think I said something back that rhymed with Fuck Off. We agreed that I would, perhaps, pay a little bit more attention to the other stuff and try to balance that with knitting.

I got a chance to knit out in public today -- at the chiropractor and at the dentist. I've made it across the back of the side-to-side cardigan. AND my VISA card is back in service, so I ordered some Pamir from Elann. Can't wait to show and tell.


CatBookMom said...

So - are you going to use that photo with the greens and rusty reds for inspiration for another of your lovely color combinations in a new project? Great idea, IMO. Take care of yourself, and give in to some of your therapist's nudging. OTOH, that's like the pot calling the kettle black, since I'm not getting any exercise either. ;-(

Rosie Perera said...

Hi Jayne, just piping up for the first time. Love your blog. And way cool that you started it on your own without your DH's help or scorn! I once had Thanksgiving dinner with some friends in Vancouver's West End, and after we finished we decided to pack up the leftovers in individual large zip-lock bags with a full meal in each and hand them out to homeless people on the streets. We were nervous about this -- same way you were with your Thai dinner leftovers -- and weren't quite sure where to find homeless people near my friend's apartment. So we drove around for a while until we found a few of them clustered near a corner. We approached them one by one and offered each one a Thanksgiving meal, but they all turned it down, saying they'd eaten one already at the shelter or something along those lines. It was kind of disappointing. One guy finally accepted our gift with gratitude. But we were tired of trying and went home without giving away the rest of them. I guess I should be thankful for the one, and not worry about not having accomplished the full "good deed" we set out to do.

jayne said...

Hi Rosie! I'm dunking ginger snaps in coffee and thinking about a place called G -- and you.

Mmmm...good idea about the colours, CBM, I hadn't thought about that.

Anonymous said...

Jayne: listen to your therapist's advice. Last winter, I was racing to finish the 3000y knitting. I sat entire day in one spot. Forgot to eat my dinner, no interest in any other things but knitting. Yes, I did finish 3000y and I ended up in my cardiologist's office several times. Yes, exercise, excercise. Have a good day!

Vamanta said...

Jayne, your leaves in Canada are an equal match to VT's. That's why you have that ol' big maple leaf right on your flag. ;-) We are loaded with Canadian products here such as slate & marble, which believe it or not is cheaper to buy from Canada than in the VT, with all it's slate & marble quarry mines.