Friday, October 20, 2006

Check it Out!

I haven't posted in a few days. I've been BUSY. Busier than I like to be. Too busy. You have to know me -- I am the unbusiest person I know, so when I say I'm busy, that's saying something. Ok, busy might be the wrong word, but I have had a lot going on these days. I know there's a problem when I have to go to sleep every afternoon for two hours.

We're not talking about knitting goings-on either. Well, mostly not. Doug was away for five days last week, and I was on deck a lot. I did have a friend stay over on the weekend, and we stayed up WAY too late. I did get my HUGe done and mailed off to NY. I did have the yarn chicks over on Wednesday night. I have been trying to get my writing for the contest edited and ready to send. And I have been sleeping every day for two hours in the afternoon just to keep up.

The kids are off from school today, so I took them out to breakfast and then to Wally-World to pick up a birthday party present. And...check it out! Wally-world has an intriguing new yarn out. Well, mine does. I googled it, and there is a little eeny bit of talk about it so far, so it must be very new.

It's called Eco-fil (recycled earth-friendly yarn). It is 75% cotton/25% acrylic, but feels totally cottony. It is soft enough, but feels like it will get even softer in the wash. You get a HUGE ball for 3.97 Cdn. 225 grams!! Can only guess how many yards that will be. Must be a few because they had a free pattern for a ribbed pullover that called for 2 1/2 balls to make a 34/36" size. It has a nice smooth twist to it, is worsted weight, and does not look nearly as cheap-o as the standard Bernat Handicrafter cotton. At that price, I had to get a few balls to play around with.

I picked up this fun pattern book called Yarn Play at Chapters last night. It has lots of focus on using colour effectively, and some funky sweater constructions. I'm considering using my Pamir to make the cover sweater. That would mean scrapping the design I'm carrying around in my head for now, but I'm up for that.

I think the new Eco-fil yarn would make nice scrubby washcloths.

And funky table runners. Both patterns are from the new pattern book. Bet that yarn would do a wonderful Mason-Dixon dance too...

Despite not having much time to knit, the insta-shrug (This Great SHRUG!) is coming together quickly. I thought the instructions were pissy to say the least. Even the massively corrected instructions on Lion Brand's free patterns site were pissy in a few places. I ended up inventing several instructions for myself. This is the second time I'm knitting the ribbed band because of said pissy instructions. I'm hoping to get the last inch or so done in time for movies with the man tonight. I'll post the finished pix and fix-ups in tomorow's post.

Finally...only "anonymous" who turned out to be Karin BJ won a point for the last round of 2Truths. I have documented proof of swimming with turtles and of swimming in a waterfall in Maui.


Grace Yaskovic said...

I knew I wanted to go to WalMart today and didn't My yarn purchases for this week have been ultra conservative. I bought 6 skeins of Baby Cashmere with an Elann credit, I purchased from Amazon Holiday Knitting (or whatever with the Hershey Hat) and from Webs Lousia Hardings Natural baby knits, and One Skein Book and 3 skeins of Elizabeth Lavold Angora with a Gift Certificate from my sister. Very conservative--ohhh I think I did get two SWS and 3 Caron Tweed (2 skeins of Caron Black Magic went back)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on that yarn from WalMart. I will check it out.

Anonymous said...

oooh Jayne, you are such an yarn-enabler. OK, and I'm an eager enablee -- I WILL resist -- I will lay out my packs of Elann baby cashmere & play hopscotch over them, and chant "There will always be great yarn to buy . . .There will always be great yarn to buy.."

Trish BCG

jayne said...

And there always is...but that never seems to stop me. LOL.