Sunday, October 15, 2006

Can't Tell the Players Without a Program

2-Truths and a Lie Update

I have never had a hangover or a broken bone. Rosie is right about me being a goodie-two-shoes, too squeaky clean to try anything. Ever. Plus my sisters tried so many things that they scared me straight, but good. The weed was a special gift on my 40th birthday. It is a very fun story, especially the part where DH acquires the stuff. And yes, I did inhale. :)

Score stands thus: Cate, Rosie, T, and CBM each have one point.

I've been confused by a few guesses -- remember, two things are true; one is a lie. Your job is to identify the lie.

Round Four: Surgeries I've had...or have I?

1. Tonsillectomy
2. Caesarian Section
3. Hernia Operation


Rosie Perera said...

OK, I admit I did vaguely remember you telling me the story about DH and the weed (but I wasn't sure it was you who'd told me that story). As for surgeries, I'm completely taking a blind stab at it (heh, heh). I'm guessing you've never had a tonsillectomy. It's the most common of the three, so probably in there to confuse us.

Up blogging at 3:57 AM, eh? I thought I was bad posting at 1:37 AM! It's been one of those weeks....

CatBookMom said...

Wild guess here, but I'm gonna say that you've never had a hernia repair. We're not going to grill you about the wacky tobaccy, lol!

Anonymous said...

I think that you never had hernia. Uusually, it is a man's problem. SK

CatBookMom said...

How did I miss the one about bones and hangovers and puffin'?

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Totally guessing that you never had a hernia.