Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yarn Girls Rule

They came. They saw. They did a little knitting...

Last spring, a woman I know from church asked me if I would be willing to teach her how to knit. And then another one mentioned it. When a long-time friend of mine brought the topic up at lunch one day, I decided to see if they would all like to come over for a few evenings and muddle through it together. In the end, four women came over one evening a week for about eight weeks. We had a lot of fun. They learned the basics. I learned a lot about teaching people how to knit. This September, they all asked about coming back. We're going to meet alternate Wednesdays, so you just know what my blog will be about on alternate Thursdays!

This is Yvonne. She was the first person to ask me about learning to knit, and she patiently waited for months for me to get my act together. See that extremely cute jacket she's wearing? Once she got the hang of knitting, Yvonne whipped up that little beauty in no time flat. She showed up last night wearing it, and it looks fantastic on her! Wear it with pride, girl!

This is Win. My dear friend since we were about ten years old. In the spring, Win got the hang of knitting very quickly and made a washcloth and a hat. This year she is tackling her first sweater, a zip-up jacket in aran weight cotton. We went yarn shopping in the summer, and it was so much fun to begin the corruption process for her.

Yvonne, Karin and Suzie all digging into Krispy Kremes, courtesy of Suzie. The highlight of the evening for me was meeting Suzie. I've been chatting with her through Elann's chat center for a few weeks now, but last night I got to meet her in person. That was so much fun. Suzie brought her knitting in a beautiful felted bag that I've seen on her blog, but that is absolutely stunning in person. And for that matter, so is Suzie.

The woman in the middle is Karin, a dear friend and an accomplished knitter already. Karin took knitting to heart very quickly and just as quickly, it seemed, produced not one but two baby blankets knitted in worsted weight yarn with finicky seed stitch details. I'll try to get photos of those blankets next time, but this time I caught her with the donuts. Karin is already receiving white Elann boxes in the mail. One morning the two of us were on the phone together buying sock yarn from Elann, and then laughing as we watched certain colours disappear from stock right before our eyes. She's a goner.

Okay, technically Colin is not a yarn girl. But he likes Krispy Kremes, so we let him crash the party. Briefly.

Andrea is new to the group this year. She wants to learn to knit. She learned to make a slip knot, cast on, knit and purl. She's going to be a natural at this.

That's Andrea's first knitting ever! We're not supposed to notice the "extra" little loops at the bottom corner of the swatch, but I think they are a lovely embellishment. Next stop: washcloth.

Other highlights: Suzie brought her first white box from Elann over. Unopened, if you can imagine. I would never have the restraint. I couldn't wait to see what was in there. Some Mr Joe, some Highland Wool, and a bunch of Berroco Vibe to make backpacks.

Suzie had the nicest knitting bag, and Yvonne had the funniest one. It was a KnitPicks mailer bag, full of yarns and hat patterns.

Andrea's delight at realizing that she could do this.

Yvonne's proud and happy glow over her new jacket. Not to mention how good it looked on her!

Having a bunch of knitters in my home.

Looking forward to next time!


junior_goddess said...

Yay-I can see what people look like!

Anonymous said...

It looks like such fun!