Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Feet

Start with Happy Yarn. This is a bunch of White Buffalo yarn that I bought at a thrift store. It was natural white originally, and I divided the six stranded cow pies into two lots of three stranded yarn. Attempted to knit an Einstein Coat. Ran out of yarn about 80% along. Waved my fist at Sally Melville (surely it was her fault that I didn't have the yardage), and ripped the whole thing out.

The yarn sulked in the bin of shame for several months until Kool-aid dye caught my fancy. Now I have a nice selection of Kool-aid colours and that White Buffalo has been given a pardon. I made all the colours you see except for the dark teal at the botton. It's also White Buffalo, but I bought it that colour. This is the yarn I used to knit my big yarn bucket that has lacked a handle these many months.

I knitted myself a pair of these slippers about a year ago, and they blew out their soles this summer. I've noticed that slipper weather is back. I like bare feet around the house, but mine are cold these days. Time for a new pair. The pattern is a free Bernat pattern that calls for two strands of worsted weight yarn held together. Last year, I used Patons Classic Wool and made a sedate denim pair. This year...well... funky.

When they came out of the wash, they were very fuzzy, so I gave them a shave and a haircut and fitted them to my feet. Form fitting, a left and a right, bunyans and all.

I admit they are a bit untidy on top. It's because I'm a lazy-ass and couldn't be bothered to do tails. I just grabbed the next colour and knitted it right along with the previous one. Nevermind, I like a bit of wabi-sabi in things. And they're for MY feet, and for schlepping around in the house, and no one's gonna see the tops anyway. Defensive? I'm NOT being defensive. The bottoms look good, so when I put my feet up, that's the part people will see. You can make your pair look perfect.

Oh, and notice, if you will, that I made the iCord drawstring for my yarn bucket. I had to perform several deep sea rescues during the felting stage as the washing machine kept tying it into knots and twisting it around everything else.

I have happy feet for another reason today: The Yarn Girls Are Coming! Tonight! Yes, Tonight!! My gang of knitters comes tonight for our first of hopefully many happy Wednesdays of stitching and bitching.


CatBookMom said...

So what do you put on the bottoms to make them non-slip? Oh, wait, you probably have carpeting. Warmer for cold-weather climates. Here, we have hardwood throughout, so knitted slippers are non-starters. One of my seniors made some gorgeous slippers with 4 kinds and shades of pink yarns, and since I contributed 3 of the four, she gifted me with them. If my aunties have carpeting, the slippers are theirs for Christmas.

Suzann said...

I love the colors. When the weather gets really cold you will feel warmer just looking at them. Nice bright happy feet :-)

Jean said...

They are happy indeed. They look warm and cuddly too.

Vamanta said...

Jayne, I know you are unimpressed with your stripey slippers but I love them! CBM, I have all hardwood floors too and sew Fiber Trends suede soles onto to the bottoms of them, even the ones I gift.

jayne said...

Thanks Joan! They are very comfy, I must say. I don't bother de-slipping them. We have mostly carpet.